Friday, December 17, 2010

drowning on the other side of the pool...

~do u ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again?...
-kate perry

i wonder y last time i dont like her. i do now..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the excitement of going to aust is creeping in and ive been searching for blogs or sites to read about where i can go or what i can do in melbourne. im suppose to study for my finals. ok spending half an hour during lunch break while eating and reading shouldnt do much harm right? ok mayb taking half an hour for facebooking during tea time wouldnt do much harm also am i right? then another half an hour updating my blog and watch some video after dinner and shower wont do much harm too. then the many half an hour became hours. o.O

gtg now or another hour will be gone.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

life is beautiful~vega 4

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i really wanna be there... but im so far away......i dun want all the things that ive been chasing for anymore... i just wan to stay close..

all i can hope for is everything to be ok.

why is it have to be so unfair...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

.... just carry on with any visible path while looking for the right turning...
but not everyone is that lucky and some might never find it even at the end of the route.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i was trying to jailbreak my iphone and kaboom all my apps are gone.. god knows what i did..somehow somewhat i just have problem with manuals be it in life or things in general because i will never follow the instructions. even sometimes in lab i would do the wrong steps because my brain is just simply programmed to find shortcuts every now and then.

its amazing and scary at the same time how a person can affect you so much. you will start to see and change...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

damn!!! my favourite bra is missin.!!! confirmed there's lingerie thief at my block..

Friday, October 29, 2010

memory getting worst.... i know i hav bad memory but its getting even worst.

this sat clarke would be such a happening place.. coz its halloween and holloween for me coz i need to study my finance for quiz on monday..

i heard from the radio that there will be so many ppl dressing up for the night. a girl said she will dress as shehulk. haha. i hope next year i can go and take a look and enjoy the atmosphere abit.
why do all the events come at the wrong time? og mate bday, spanish club meeting, fren's concert, HALLOWEEN NIGHT...
nvm,. i shall not be enticed!!! concentrate!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lingerie thief or i missed them when i was taking out the laundry?

i realized i have 2 bras missing and mayb a few panties are missing too. hhmm.....

one major good thing today; i can do my quiz!! its a miracle!!!!!!! i was so nervous and none of the ppl i know is in the same tutorial with me. my mind was frozen and i know i need to talk to someone.. thank god i got my iphone that connects me to the world..

work was fine ntg much but had a good chat with david. mayb i should join their company after i grad. or some company in that industry.
im already looking for escape route b4 i grad coz i know i wont be an engineer.

or perhaps i should just learn how to cook and be a future good housewife. ahhaha

maths maths maths...... must get into the mood!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i had a surprise birthday celebration today from my coursemates the least thing i would expect. coz i just changed clique this sem. so this morning the whole study together thing was a plan. no wonder the other night the message sent to me was ' tomorrow lets study together. must say yes ok' but i wouldnt suspect anything that night. so this morning there i was studying with them in the lib. actually only esther and juntat were there and the rest were having discussion at the canteen. then when it came to lunch time, we went to canteen to meet them. coincidentally today is also another guy;s bday. so they brought out the cake. i dont even know i was one of the person being celebrated even though the cake was put in front of me and that guy coz so happen i was sitting next to him also. then at the end i realized actually even the seats they have already planned it out so that when i reach i would sit next to the bday boy. when we were in the lib esther was asking and surveying what kinda bag i like and i totally didnt realise it. so basically im the last person to know the cake was for me also. i kena conned 99. the best part was after the cake. esther and juntat went to pick a bag for me yday. esther was observant enough to notice my bag was so chui and the skin was peeling off every now and then. sometime when i take things out from my bag, the skin will fly out piece by piece. haha. and thanks to kevin who went all the way to get the cake from jp.

Friday, October 15, 2010

uncle kong is my favourite uncle now. i was surprise that he actually knows my bday. so he brought me out for dinner and a movie yesterday. and me being me dont even know when is his bday. i shall peek at his wallet next time and surprise him with a cake.
i'm so grateful that i have him here.
there.. my life isnt that bad. there are ppl who rmbs my bday and i get alot of helps from many ppl. must start to appreciate and be grateful.

the small little things

i shall start listing down every single good things for everyday in my life

1) waking in the morning loving my bed. the feel of my bed and my smelly pillow just make me couldnt get up from my bed even though im so awake. hahaha.
2) using my soft new toothbrush.
3) eating the nice butter cookies. imma cookie monster now.

yeahh!! feeling so contented now. i shall go down buy my lunch and continue with my day.

target for today.
1) finish semiconductor

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

not as bad as i thought

learning to look at things from different perspective...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

its has almost been a month since i blogged.

my days are just plain boring and i've turn over a new leaf.. a dead and dry leaf .. for the past weeks all i did was study meeting study meeting ntg else ok mayb catch one or two movie but seriously its like my social life is dead.
but one good thing is that i got my bursary... so i will be cutting off my working hours so that i can conc on my studies and meetings...studies and meetings again....

damn regretted that i joined lion dragon dance.. -_-'' it took up 2 nights of my every week and its freaking tiring... and that tb director its just fussy and picky with my design on the banner. i changed few times and she still reject my design. she ask for complicated designs and she expect us to draw the banner. wth. fuck her in the pussyhole and shithole and whateva holes she has

do you believe in karma? last year i was having way too much fun and now im paying the price of not getting any of it...
i miss my frens in ipoh and the ppl in aust.....
i miss all the outings and fun and craps that we do...
i miss the sense of belonging...
i wish i can forget what time is and just have fun like mad drink till i collapse and not wake up the next morning..
this is driving me nuts...

is it that as you grow older ur life becomes more stable.. too stable and all responsibility just make u a more dull person and ur life an ultimate boredom? mayb its just me.. because everytime i feel like having fun my right mind will tell me no ur results is simply a piece of bull shit shittier than ever and if u wan ur bursary or whateve next time u should study and not hav fun at all.

another thing i realised y i cant really click with ppl here is most of them they converse and joke in chinese. i cant get their jokes most of the time and this is not fun... ya we hang out we go lec together and stuff but just somehow we wont be that close... its just not the same.. im missing someone's presence... but again there's no use to think and dwell on the past.. everything is just over...

ppl here are all about clubs and meetings.. when i mix with ppl like zy to hav a bit of fun im just killing myself.. its just so tiring to do what is right and against what u wan....

im just not ready for commitment in any sense.....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

time will prove everything...
i shall not be bother by it!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

some ppl just know how to hurt ur feelings..
cant some ppl just be more understanding and less judgmental
we thought thats what it is but reality shows otherwise.
right here right now i just hope my bed would turn into a bed monster and swallow me up...

no more swearing...

Monday, August 2, 2010

first thing in the morning i got ppl knocking on my door like a bulldozer trying to smash my room. i ignored the noise and keep on sleeping then i heard key sound and someone unlocked the door. standing outside was the witch bitch from the hall office. got up from my bed with my pajamas and patches of pimple cream on my face i greeted her with my lightning shocked face. that stupid witch bitch recognised me and she knows im not the rightful tenant in the room. she asked for my matrix card and i couldnt give her. she knows and she said she is gonna report to the fucking hall office and if that happen my friend and i will get warning letter and might not get a room next semester. come on bitch im not the only illegal squater around just close your fucking eye la. besides my fren is not staying so i only occupied one side of the room. there;s plenty of empty rooms in the hall. i bet there;s less than 10 rooms occupied in my block. with all my might i talked her out to forget what she saw with the condition i move out right away. im already late for work and that fucking lan chibai wont even let me brush my teeth or take a shower so that i can go to work after that. she just wanna mother fucker chase me off that second. i know this bitch. she just follow the rules blindly. the last time i was late about 5-10 min to put my boxes for storing in the hall she wouldnt open the damn door even though im got my boxes right outside the store room. she told me that she cannot sleep peacefully at night coz she lied to hall office to let me off and asking her to close one eye is ilke asking her to commit the deadliest crime ever. i give her one BIG SWEAT ------------__________________--------------""""""""""""" but luckily after one hour of talking and trying to convince her to let me off she gave in and i moved my stuff. i just wipe off the cream on my face and i get out that was when i realised there;s no bus service coz the bus changed route due to YOG AGAIN. SCREW YOG!! ive got 3 luggages and few pairs of shoes and a laptop. the nearest bus stop is 15 mins or more walk away. how the hell am i gonna carry all this stuff and take bus. . seriously this is the worst experience ever. i better not find any warning letter or anything happen to my fren or i will fucking screw her whole family upside down. i dun see what so big deal of what i did. im not disturbing other tenants or causing trouble and im not even disrupting the next tenant from moving in coz i cleaned the other side of the room yesterday night but that idiotic china whore just have to exaggerate her complaint that there's more than one person staying in the room coz she saw my bf leg while he was hiding behind the wardrobe that afternoon when she came over to tell me she is the new tenant so that she can move in her senior room in the other block.

I can list down all the fucking trouble yog has caused me.
1. i cant make it to aust in mid dec so i got to go for later flight..
2. i got no hall to stay next semester
3. there;s no bus service in the hall thus i got trouble going everywhere. to other canteens, to work in the office in school, even to get out of ntu.
4. my work schedule got changed to later time thats how the bitch caught me in the room at 9am or usually i would have been out by 9. in the end caused me the biggest trouble ever.
it has been so long since im so fumed up like this. i can just curse whole day all this chaotic incident plus my pms i just cant hold back.

Monday, July 26, 2010

would you shave your head for charity?

there was a mass shaving session in vivo yday. it was a campaign for cancer survivors.
i had a sudden urge to go on stage to cut botak yday but then i was walking with nini and pooipooi so i thought forget it and mayb i will regret later on. haha. i can picture myself botak and if i just draw an arrow on my forehead i will be the next avatar.

bald shall be the new style. u can even save on shampoo.

im getting really lazy these days and also adopting a healthy life style in the progress. sleeping at 11 and waking up at 8 almost everyday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real live drama is always a good way to start the morning especially you are half awake riding on the mrt. So this morning i started leaving my room at about 7 and most of the time I wasnt aware of my surrounding basically im like sleep walking. Even after i entered the train i was fishing. Then I witnessed the most awaking drama. There was this lady in wheelchair wanted to board the train and she asked if the lady inside could give way coz she was blocking the way. So this chibai lady moved unwillingly and stared at the poor lady in wheelchair after she entered. Then things got so heated up that all the diu nia sing and diu nia ma came out. the chibai lady started with the diu ing first and the funny things was she denied and keep on saying the lady in wheelchair started using all the vulgar words first. so for few rounds it went like this.

Chibai Lady No.1: diu nia sing!!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: diu nia ma!!!!
Chibai Lady No.1: diu mat ye. ni yao lan meh? ni lan hou lan dai ah?!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ngo mou lan ni yao lan. !!
Chibai Lady No.1: chan fai dai sai ah?!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ni lei si ha chor ah!!
Chibai Lady No.1: diu nia ma!!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ni mou lan diu mat?!!

with very limited vocab they diu each other providing free porno for ppl in the train.
all i can hear were diu and lan. they should probably attend account class taught by ah jie so that they can improve their vocab at least the diu ing will be more versatile and we who are watching are more entertained.

ok i shouldnt be so bad.. but i really pity the lady in wheelchair coz in the end when i left she was crying and she mentioned she was in wheelchair for 11 years.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gonna be so busy from now on.

its weird how sometimes we do things. this person from rws called me and asked if i can work and i told him i can work on this fri. he called me last week but only today that he asked for my particulars whether am i pr or singaporean then he told me he got to confirm with hr if they can hire me. -_-'''

though this job is not what i intended as i actually wanted to try out being a mascot in universal studio but who cares as long as i get free entry there. haha. if lucky maybe i can get some lubang then try to be a mascot for a day. i still haven give up on the madagascar penguin yet.

working on a job too long makes u lose ur passion and naturally affects ur performance. you are so used to the system that unconsciously you will grab any slacking chances you get. thats what im going through now. sigh... feeling guilty.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


i just saw something that reminds me of one incident in Lim Kok Wing during secondary school.
hahaha. i think some ppl can already guess what's the incident. yes.. its 'fat choy' black seaweed...
and its manufactured in china. manufacturing date probably is the day she was born and i think someone need to tell her the expiry date. product description: curly disorganised black lumpy. (thats the best i could describe) ok enough the more i try to describe the more im losing my apetite.. i didnt manage to grab any food this morning because i was late. usually i would grab a biscuit or fruits from canteen.

bad news for eunice. i;ve checked the weather forecast and its rainy with thunder somemore for the next few days. so be prepared for thunder storm.

Monday, June 28, 2010

finally the so call event job is finished!! past few days was damn tiring until i cant feel my toes.
its so not fair the promoter opposite me her pay is higher than me and all she do is just stand when i have to prepare this prepare that.

how many ways are there to say 'hot' in chinese?
're' , 'tang', 'sao' ?

I was telling one aunty 'xiao xin tang'=be careful its hot
she replied with a blur face: ha? careful of the soup?
then another aunty said: 'ta shou sao'=she says its hot

that made me looked stupid -_-''

another word that if didnt get the tone correct i can end up getting complaint from these free to shit 30 times a day housewives. The word is 'fen' which can be 'fen'=noodles or 'fen'=shit.
If for one second my tongue had an epilepsy and twisted the word a little i will end up saying "Do you wanna try our SHIT" instead of noodle.

why i say these aunty is free to shit 30 times a day.. because i saw the same aunties for the past 3 days and they probabaly come everyday and its amazing how everyday they can go back with their trolley overflowed.

Back to my weekdays only job..


Friday, June 11, 2010

tentatively my exam timetable is until 18th dec. i will have paper everyday from 13th. crazy sia...
if everything is smooth. mayb i will go aust right after that.
that also depends if ppl in aust are still in aust.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In need of smtg refreshing!!
In search of smtg new!!

Hell with all the mlm. -_-"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

there was one indian grad student came by the office today.. all he was asking for is to logon into his acc to check whether did he pass for his master. his cgpa was at the edge last sem and this sem's gpa is his only chance to pass but he couldnt logon due to outstanding fees. he said he needs to get the result to apply for a job. Looking desperate he keep on saying all he need is to see his result and i could see that he almost wanna break down and as if he was going to go down on his knees. as much as i wanna help i cant and i felt so terrible everytime he repeat that. all i can say is we cant help unless you settle ur fees. in the end after about 20min he gave up and walked away disappointed.
i think this is one of the worst thing that can happen to anyone. you dunno if you can graduate, u got no money to pay for the fees, u cant apply for a job until u get the money and get ur certificate and if u dont pass u got take the exam again and pay more.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

one thing this place taught me is never have expectation not even low expectation just dun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i cant believe i finished 2 books within a week. first book is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult and the next is One More Day by Mitch Albom. I read it once before but this time it felt like as if some parts were specially written for me. there were some situations so similar to mine that i could feel the remorse but i could do nothing about it. anyway enough of the book. time flies and its time for me to go back. it was not a very happy short break for me except for the part i got to escape and met up with some frens.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

relax sungguh. tiap tiap hari tidur awal bangun lewat bagaikan hidup seekor babi emas. haha.
list of what to be done in ipoh:
go pasar malam (tick)
celebrate mama's bday (tick)
spend time with family and frens (tick)
shop and buy (undone)
visit grandma (tick)
visit uncle (tick)

i fried my engine yday and thank god i was just outside yy's house when the car died. it was funny how the moment yy sit into my car and the steam came out. but its not yy faults la.. after diagnosed the sick car it seems like the water pipe burst and the fan isnt working. perhaps it just hates me coz everytime i come bac and drive it there's always some mishaps.
mak pin with anything is officially my favourite.

Friday, May 7, 2010

hall 7 group outing~ standing at the mrt station made me realized how long it has been since i went out to town. jp was the furthest i went for the past months. it was really fun to go out walk around orchard and try new food with frens. unfortunately josephine couldnt join us. we thought of giving her a surprise for the belated bday. but anyway we got her a present. hope to do that again soon.

i cant wait to go bac to msia. however it will only be a short stay. i will be going bac on 12th reach kl at 6pm. will spend a day in kl on 13th then go bac to ipoh on 14th morning. reach ipoh around 11am. at night mayb will go out to eat with family to celebrate my mama's bday. 15th perhaps yum cha abit then 16th i will be heading bac to spore. 17th start workin. there goes my holiday in msia.

Friday, April 30, 2010

finally i decided to clean my room but i just manage to clear some of my things. this is how it looked like in the process. i think its messier than b4. haha.
i also realized smtg. i can open drug store with all the medicine i have.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my current room condition. books notes and food everywhere on my table.
taking a break from study, i look at my room and the stuff that i have. i m gonna have a hard time packing when i move out of hall after exam... i;ve got a wardrobe of clothes, everything on the table, above the table inside the drawers, many shoes, text books, 2 sleeping bags, roller shoes, wave board and some other stuff that i need to clear when i move out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

yesterday we had a small hall gathering for dinner of KFC. it cost around 7 dollar per person and i had 2 pieces of chicken. so one piece cost like rm 7 plus. then i thought of nadia. haha. mayb i could have get it for free from her. eat KFC and you will think of nadia. while we eat we cracked this joke about EEE students and the cats in our hall. it started when my fren mentioned she has a fren in EEE and sometimes he would scream out of stress and some other EEE ppl who are just weird and antisocial so they came out with the conclusion tat all EEE students are weird and they scream in the middle of the night. then while we are eating we heard some cat hissed, purred or i dunno what to call but just 'meow' in those high pitch sound. so one of my hall mate made a comment and he said that cat is from EEE.
this morning i woke up at 7 smtg. i purposely didnt shower or clean myself so tat it will work better for my play later. then after the play i think it was not really necessary because i think my audience already know the message that i was trying to convey and he kinda just fast forwarded to the ending. well... its a short and effective play and it cost me another bomb.

Friday, April 23, 2010

what is going on?... i cant make anything right.. im doing really bad in exams, the only thing that i look forward suddenly vanished, evaporated into the air and im going to disappoint my frens. i studied really hard for maths and i did all the past years i have for twice just to catch the pattern and the lecturer changed his style this time making the ques harder than it already is. after reading physic's past year's it felt like vigorously rubbing salt on wound... i dunno how am i going to survive for physics. i cant even do a single ques without referring to the answer. this sem break i really need to reconsider my choice of taking engineering. i know ive been saying this many many time but seriously maybe subj from school of humanities and social science could be better choice at least i dun need the correct wiring in my brain nerves to answer the ques. socialogy seems like not a bad idea.

the lights in my life is like the ratio of twinkling stars to the vast dark sky in the night..
~what is life when you are not living it~
succumb in emonitinessss

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

suddenly felt like my presence is so insignificant compare to most of the ppl here. i see amazing ppl once in a while and it makes me feel so small. it not a bad thing at least it gives me some drive to be better. cant imagine how my holiday would be. I just got another job. so for the time being i have two confirmed job in my hand for weekdays. what i need to do now is fill up my weekends and i can fly to aust in dec!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh.. but then also means that i dont have much time for other ppl. lo siento.
another thing is im so dead this sem and i got a feeling it will be worst next sem.. im gonna take mc for one subj this sem and ill have to overload next sem.. hopefully i wont drop to 3rd class or da bao.. sometimes when you tell ppl that im gonna da bao and they say ya........ me toooooo. then as the conversation goes on she tells you she got 2nd upper. -_-''' from now onwards im just not gonna mention and if they ask i will just say great. just to keep them guessing and maybe to scare them abit. haha.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh my fuck!!! this is the most embarrassing moment ever. i need to dig a hole to bury my face or wear a mask 24/7!! especially in my room....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes is just so depressing when u are struggling to do a maths ques and after 1 hours plus and u still cant get the ans while there;s this guy next to you who has been watching videos bout warcraft dota,starcraft (ppl still play?), red alert.. basically all kinda war games on youtube since 3hours ago. he must be born genius or he has exam on war strategy to spend so freaking much time on all those videos. another thing is he seriously need some workout. i dun mean to be bad and its not like he did anything to me but i think im just very irritable this period. there he goes again.. -_-'' searching for another war game videos.

ps:perhaps species with name homo sapien should stay away from me for this period of time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i have this song stuck in my head. i just cant get it of. its like im reading ''.. tensile strength = ~im only gonna break break your heart~.... " and i can just write this out in my exam paper.
mother.. i got con for going to some useless talk wasting 1 hour of my life and also
got shocked to see someone after quite some time to turn out of shape. perhaps it just ntu life style. dont be surprise to see me turn into either a needle or this

i really wanna watch a movie right now.. by the time i finish exam all the good movies will be gone. i was suppose to watch how to train your dragon 3d with a fren today. but now im here in library feeling like a drug addict. mayb its the coffee getting into me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

physics-acceptable and reasonable for my course
semiconductor-totally related to electrical and electronics engine
maths-needed in all engineering
life science-to be doc?
material science-ok wouldnt say very related to my field

all these will kill me soon...
none of these subj i have confidence in.
17 days more to finals.
need to read from start for every course
getting broke coz working less

Friday, March 5, 2010


wednesday was such a fruitful day. we did so many things in one day. breakfast at round 11 plus then moved on to wake boarding for 2 hours. i thought it was easy but i cant even complete half the round. the most i got was mayb about a quarter of the lake. lol. i think the ppl there also got sick of teaching me. it was tiring but exciting. Though i fell so many times and some of them i fell flat on my face. luckily my nose and lips are still in place. actually the lake is damn dirty with algae, seaweed, and some small water creatures. at the side of the lake is really gross and the ladder is full of moss. however, the fun i had is worth all the grossness that i endured. the next time i go again im so going to complete at least a round. after wakeboarding we went for dinner consisting of stingray, satay, chicken wings, lo bak kou, prawn mee all the unhealty food except of the coconut water. next was cycling and rollerblading. the last activity of the day was prawning. this really test my patience but at least i think its better than fishing. after 3 hours of prawning we only got 8 prawns and we went to one of my fren's house to cook the prawns. cooking our own caught prawns seems weird instead of sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. one of the prawns has a whole lot of prawn eggs in between its legs. we ate 7 prawns that night but we might have killed hundreds.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the temptations is just too strong for me to resist. sometimes i just cant help it even though i know its so wrong. i used to feel terribly regretful but now it just seems pretty neutral to me. its like whats the big deal.. maybe i should have stayed instead then i dun have to deal with all the shit from you. is that everything that i should devote myself to? im just tired of that already.

what is wrong about living the life that everyone is living? it just the process in life. you fall and u get back on your feet. i dun wan to be like you. why do u have to make me tell hundreds of lies? why cant you have faith in me that i will not turn out to be like her?!! must you catch every single word i said and tiny little action that i did and draw conclusion that im her?

please stop pressuring me...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

recess week... will try to catch up wateva i've missed.
is this the life i wan?

Friday, January 29, 2010

insensitivity.. ignorance..absolute ntg to offer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'tong sui'

walking bac after a tiring day of classes and work and you know that someone has cooked smtg for you and waiting for you to come bac to eat is such a bliss. it does not have to be shark fin or abalone even tong sui is good enough. even when you are working you will feel so motivated coz there smtg that you are looking forward to.

slowly im begining to like hall 7 .... because of the ppl that live in it.

running low on adrenaline now.. good night..

Monday, January 18, 2010


arranging time schedule is such a trouble. u change here and there and in the end u dun even know when is ur class. 3 lost cows-2 went for tutorial when there;s none-1 went for lec that's not even her subj.
guess will have to stick with german...

very hungry now..

sometimes when you think you are having a bad time actually somewhere someone isnt having any better time than you as well..

Monday, January 11, 2010

waking up in ntu

took a plane bac on sat and wat do i know my payment was not received coz my card was rejected and tiger airways didnt send me any notification. went to the counter couldnt find my name in the list. I got to buy the ticket on the spot which the price rose up to rm150. ok fine... i waited so long for them to check my name by the time i bought my ticket i got to the gate just in time. i got a final call on the loud speaker and slower by a little i would hav missed my flight. i boarded the plane met a very nice man and he helped me to put up my luggages. he is an amazing man not just that he is a executive director but he could fall asleep in split seconds. one second he was talking to me before the plane took off and the next he was snoring. then he would wake up all of a sudden shake his leg a bit and he fell bac to sleep. after that he woke up again talked to me for a while again he fell bac to sleep. amazing right??.. haha.
just when i thought the day would be better everything went shitty at the end of the day because of one mistake. my phone was out of battery but i know this is not an excuse.... i guess its just my character... i promise i will try to change.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

resolution resolution!!!!

cant believe 2009 has already ended and im turning 20.. getting old.. i would say i enjoyed very much for my short one month break. goin everywhere is so fun. come bac one day then go another place the next day. this is life man.. its like there;s no full stop and ur brain and body never stop and u look forward to everyday. came bac on 14th dec in kl shop shop then bac to ipoh find frens yum cha abit here and there. 24th went kl Corus to celebrate christmas and dnmcb i sprained my ankle. 26th came bac ipoh. 27th went langkawi. langkawi trip was a blast!!! lets plan another trip again. bac to ipoh on 30th, went kl then genting on 31st. bac in ipoh after that. anyway fun is over and i hav to go bac to is already 5th.. then tomorrow is 6th then 7th... i dun wanna go bac...
okay... resolution.. save enough money to go aust!!! lolzz. i think its better that i dun set any resolution and better just run with the flow.

this year might be a bad year for me. seems like lots of bad stuff happened. sprained my ankle, bang my mom;s car, lost money, get really bad results.