Friday, May 29, 2009

i've decided. hopefully this is not a decision that i will regret later. hopefully i can get a job as soon as i grad. hopefully i can cope with things there. hopefully everything will turn out to be ok.
cant help to wonder wat will i become in 4 years time. is this the right route for me? how will the life there be?? will i be able to handle?? questions and doubts are all i have now. maybe i think too much and too far........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all those lies and fake hopes


Monday, May 11, 2009

asean failure

i think i totally messed up my asean interview. i put my 1 st choice chemistry and biological chem which i dun even know wats has gotten into me that time. i didnt even like or took bio in stpm. so i requested for change. they approved me for e&e eng. ok. then during the interview they brought up these and ask me y so i say i like physics more. then after that things became harder to twist. there was this scholarship essay ques wat is ur biggest achievement. i wrote bout dissecting a frog. i hate living things and i'm afraid of things that crawl or jump but i managed to finish the task. tats was how i pulled off my essay. then prob came when they ask me according to ur essay it seems like u have interest in biology why change the course we offered. there;s contradiction of what i wrote and my choice of course. its like i chosed chem and biology course then i change to e & e coz i like physics. wth was i trying to say there. i'm so screwed....... not convincing at all...

Friday, May 8, 2009

ok. i'm blogging while pretending i'm busy replying customer's email. haha. hope my aunt wont find out. i just have to take the risk to complain abit here. beh tahan edi. some customers are just so freaking dumb. i stated there the stock availability is 'available' still they will call to ask is the book available. wth!!! cant u read. then there are another kind of dumb customers. they will email us a freaking long list of books to ask us bout the price when they could actually check online. thats wat i do to check. those ppl are just freaking lazy to check themselves. big swt ----_____-------""""""""""

Friday, May 1, 2009

finally some excitements after some donkey working lee hom concert!!! have been working non stop since the fair. boss that give me non stop works. very unlucky my place is expose and my boss can check on me all the time. she will give me work whenever i seems free. -_-" ok i dun wanna complain so much bout that. anyhow she is my aunt. not good to talk bad bout her. haha. i got my pay cheque!!!! 2nd cheque on the way. must reward myself 99. i think i need some massage. mayb i should go for spa. haha.

i'm craving for another vacation....

cracking my brain for so many things.

feeling regret for choices i have made

my bank account is frozen. -_-" i cant bank in my cheque. got to unfreeze it. set it on fire. haha

need to go bac ipoh collect my new IC. have been leaving it for a month. might not like the new IC coz they forced me to clip my fringe. must look like ah piao....

need to make alot of international calls. my phone now its like vacuum pam. its sucking in all my money.