Friday, October 29, 2010

memory getting worst.... i know i hav bad memory but its getting even worst.

this sat clarke would be such a happening place.. coz its halloween and holloween for me coz i need to study my finance for quiz on monday..

i heard from the radio that there will be so many ppl dressing up for the night. a girl said she will dress as shehulk. haha. i hope next year i can go and take a look and enjoy the atmosphere abit.
why do all the events come at the wrong time? og mate bday, spanish club meeting, fren's concert, HALLOWEEN NIGHT...
nvm,. i shall not be enticed!!! concentrate!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lingerie thief or i missed them when i was taking out the laundry?

i realized i have 2 bras missing and mayb a few panties are missing too. hhmm.....

one major good thing today; i can do my quiz!! its a miracle!!!!!!! i was so nervous and none of the ppl i know is in the same tutorial with me. my mind was frozen and i know i need to talk to someone.. thank god i got my iphone that connects me to the world..

work was fine ntg much but had a good chat with david. mayb i should join their company after i grad. or some company in that industry.
im already looking for escape route b4 i grad coz i know i wont be an engineer.

or perhaps i should just learn how to cook and be a future good housewife. ahhaha

maths maths maths...... must get into the mood!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i had a surprise birthday celebration today from my coursemates the least thing i would expect. coz i just changed clique this sem. so this morning the whole study together thing was a plan. no wonder the other night the message sent to me was ' tomorrow lets study together. must say yes ok' but i wouldnt suspect anything that night. so this morning there i was studying with them in the lib. actually only esther and juntat were there and the rest were having discussion at the canteen. then when it came to lunch time, we went to canteen to meet them. coincidentally today is also another guy;s bday. so they brought out the cake. i dont even know i was one of the person being celebrated even though the cake was put in front of me and that guy coz so happen i was sitting next to him also. then at the end i realized actually even the seats they have already planned it out so that when i reach i would sit next to the bday boy. when we were in the lib esther was asking and surveying what kinda bag i like and i totally didnt realise it. so basically im the last person to know the cake was for me also. i kena conned 99. the best part was after the cake. esther and juntat went to pick a bag for me yday. esther was observant enough to notice my bag was so chui and the skin was peeling off every now and then. sometime when i take things out from my bag, the skin will fly out piece by piece. haha. and thanks to kevin who went all the way to get the cake from jp.

Friday, October 15, 2010

uncle kong is my favourite uncle now. i was surprise that he actually knows my bday. so he brought me out for dinner and a movie yesterday. and me being me dont even know when is his bday. i shall peek at his wallet next time and surprise him with a cake.
i'm so grateful that i have him here.
there.. my life isnt that bad. there are ppl who rmbs my bday and i get alot of helps from many ppl. must start to appreciate and be grateful.

the small little things

i shall start listing down every single good things for everyday in my life

1) waking in the morning loving my bed. the feel of my bed and my smelly pillow just make me couldnt get up from my bed even though im so awake. hahaha.
2) using my soft new toothbrush.
3) eating the nice butter cookies. imma cookie monster now.

yeahh!! feeling so contented now. i shall go down buy my lunch and continue with my day.

target for today.
1) finish semiconductor

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

not as bad as i thought

learning to look at things from different perspective...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

its has almost been a month since i blogged.

my days are just plain boring and i've turn over a new leaf.. a dead and dry leaf .. for the past weeks all i did was study meeting study meeting ntg else ok mayb catch one or two movie but seriously its like my social life is dead.
but one good thing is that i got my bursary... so i will be cutting off my working hours so that i can conc on my studies and meetings...studies and meetings again....

damn regretted that i joined lion dragon dance.. -_-'' it took up 2 nights of my every week and its freaking tiring... and that tb director its just fussy and picky with my design on the banner. i changed few times and she still reject my design. she ask for complicated designs and she expect us to draw the banner. wth. fuck her in the pussyhole and shithole and whateva holes she has

do you believe in karma? last year i was having way too much fun and now im paying the price of not getting any of it...
i miss my frens in ipoh and the ppl in aust.....
i miss all the outings and fun and craps that we do...
i miss the sense of belonging...
i wish i can forget what time is and just have fun like mad drink till i collapse and not wake up the next morning..
this is driving me nuts...

is it that as you grow older ur life becomes more stable.. too stable and all responsibility just make u a more dull person and ur life an ultimate boredom? mayb its just me.. because everytime i feel like having fun my right mind will tell me no ur results is simply a piece of bull shit shittier than ever and if u wan ur bursary or whateve next time u should study and not hav fun at all.

another thing i realised y i cant really click with ppl here is most of them they converse and joke in chinese. i cant get their jokes most of the time and this is not fun... ya we hang out we go lec together and stuff but just somehow we wont be that close... its just not the same.. im missing someone's presence... but again there's no use to think and dwell on the past.. everything is just over...

ppl here are all about clubs and meetings.. when i mix with ppl like zy to hav a bit of fun im just killing myself.. its just so tiring to do what is right and against what u wan....

im just not ready for commitment in any sense.....