Saturday, December 5, 2009

when you are having exam you pray hard and cant wait for it to finish but then exam is over you can t seems to find things to do. anyway.. the other day i went out for pool with some friends after that we went for dinner at some place near clarke then geylang. For some reasons the girls in the car are more excited than the guys. We went to see the aquarium and we can see some half naked fishes inside. all these aquariums are at the even number streets and the odd numbers are the foods. some of them are really hot but mostly are not. my friend say there;s one area where all the older ones are but luckily we didnt see any or it would most probably spoil our appetite. for those from chinas you can pick one up for bout 40 bucks then the cheaper ones can go down to 10 bucks!! i kinda pity them... I work for one hour for 9 bucks and all i have to do is just talk on the phone. Then every lot there;s an old man sitting outside and they operate the place. next we went to esplanade for a drink. thats the end of day 1 post-exam.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

finally last paper chem tomorrow. couldnt be happier that this sem is ending!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

god.. god..pls give me bac my spirit. i totally lost my momentum after the 3rd paper and i still got computing on the way.. finding a place to study in uni is such a hard thing in ntu. wake up early in the morning thought mayb can get a decent place in library and what u see is a line of zombies waiting for the library door to open.. went to business library finally found a place to study but what do u know u keep on hearing 'bang bang bang' and 'nggreeeeee'. workers doing renovation in library they cover the place with some cloths but u know those arent 'sound proof'.. -_-'' even the benches along the walkway is full sometimes.. another choice would be interim reading room. not tat bad in the morning but after a while it turned into kopitiam. i think bout 3 weeks back i saw an ah tiong camping in N2 reading room. when i say camping is really camping. he brought all his food, books, and even matress anything tat is in his room basically he just shifted his whole room to the reading room. when i saw him he was sleeping openly on the matress just like that. i shall take these ah tiong as motivation!!! i must take out my thinking cap again and mayb consider camping also for the rest of the days till exam come. lolz..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i did the most pantang thing in my presentation today by facing my buttock to the audience. i wanted to look at the script behind and i turned.. shouldnt have done that... but thanks to my brochure assignment i think i will survive. haha and yet the brochure wasnt done by any of my groupmates. all the credits goes to boon choon. danke danke!!! now must choing for my maths and econs... exam in a week time. countdown..

Monday, November 9, 2009

rushing to finsh lab report!!! freaking presentation coming soon and i hav not prepare anything. exam less than 2 weeks away- definately couldnt finish reading. i need a miracle to happen!! can t wait for holiday to come. I will study real hard next sem!!! no more play no more going out!! i will just focus on study and work!!. I've been telling myself but nvr work...

spending my 1st night in frens house in spore. 'slumber party'? not really... the next day im going in lec walking like a zombie...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

seems a bit late to blog bout my bday but nvm.. haha. im really grateful that i had a splendid bday and totally opposite of what i expected to be. all of u made my day and pulled me out of the emo me.. anyway enough slacking and bac to reality. i must mug mug mug and mug so that i will not fail my maths and computing also so that i dun hav to retake the modules next sem. i need a miracle to happen.

T out~ Nescafe is ur best friend during exam.. U can count on it!!


warning: might have side effects like constipation, high high abit, and snoring during the night.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

met up with nini today..i got a shock when i heard she spent bout 1500sgd for the past one week.. siao.. that can last me for few months.
we were talking bout next year nadia chingmun will be graduating then soon ciara and eu.. then everyone. i wanna graduate now... i completed my FYP so supposingly i can graduate...

stupid laptop adaptor..... life is hard without laptop!! feel like cavewoman here.. pay cheque pls come faster.. one week break never seems to be enough. tomorrow is school again and tues is CA. I can dig a hole bury myself and rot in hell edi...
i must go out less, spend less, study fcuking hard!! sigh.. im losing the will to study, the spirit to excell. feel like coming out to work already.. but i doubt i can survive out there..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uni drama

Too many things happened too fast in the past few days . It turned out to be really dramatic and i was not prepared it. neither did i handled the situation properly. Ppl usually face one prob at a time but for my case troubles just come like water pipe. Anyway finally everything ended and i feel really bad of how it turned out to be except for one thing..I just hope that time will do the magic.
end of uni drama.
pulau ubin here i come!! i have to reward myself after all everyone got to enjoy their recess week in msia while im working so i must at least get one day of play.

Monday, September 28, 2009

finally after all the shit for the past 2 months something good happened.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i got to get 3k sgd by 12 oct...
yday was a roller coaster ride for me.. almost got heart attack!!

resolution for recess week- study study and study!!! and work work and work till i drop dead..
hostel fees is here costing bout 400 plus and my account left like 200 bucks. i saw the donation box on the counter at mcD mayb tonight i shall go rob tat box.

~rushing to class now

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

everyone is going bac on recess week but i will be here catching up wateva i;ve missed. sigh.. oh i tried "MOS Burger" recommended by nadia. It was really nice though the price is not so. next one im gonna try will be "Pepper Lunch". The food in spore couldnt really satisfy me.. mayb i will use the recess week to hunt for food. "jalan jalan cari makan"

thanks to my very kind fren that borrowed me his car i drove in spore for few times. the traffic rules was a bit weird to me. i can go in front and stop in the middle of the road and wait till the road is clear to turn. i was thinking of mayb renting a car when necessary but very unfortunately usually they only rent their cars to those above 21. so sorry ppl i cant drive u around when u come in this 2 years time.

yday nini called me i've no idea she is also in sg. will meet up with her when i hav the 'time'.
time is smtg i really dun hav now. im learning laws and things by einstien he is so great he should hav created a time machine for the sake of ppl in 20th centuries.

tues was not a good day for me. my 1st tutorial was 'great'. my very very 'kind' tutor suddenly say we r not allowed to use calculator for our quiz and the topic is complex number. -_-'''''''''''' the name is already complex so i totally screwed that paper. another thing tat made my veins burst and my head blow up like a freaking hot air balloon is those freaky chinese finished the ques in like less than 10 min. Me who was sitting helplessly near the door see them leave one by one.

~peace on everyone~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

culture shock

i need to brush up my chinese. most of the msian here speaks chinese and being banana is really not easy. very unfortunately those having same lec and tutorial with me all also sporeans. they way they speak are so different. i find it a bit hard to blend in. they speaks things which i dunno like the spore;s edu system and they like to use abbreviations.

when it comes to tutorial, i got a lousy econs tutor. he;s from china with his accent i can hardly catch his words. the way he teach is like speaking to himself. my physics lectures go like train and i always got left behind. then maths is crazy.. -_-'' rmb vectors where we do onli x and y now we got z. with all the crazy formulaes.

other than all those we got to get involve in coco also. ppl who r running for main comm they hav to promote themselves. its exactly like elections where u hav fish for votes. they even distribute flyers with their face on it asking for votes. then other clubs we got to go for interviews to run for either main comm or subcomm. just for this week i also dunno how many interviews i went edi. so hectic.

im still unemployed here. sigh.. and im spendin quite alot on food. shall chose those cheap cheap one...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

my 'dog nest'

my bed is the one on the left. as u can see this is my room condition. a hell of a mess. anyone wanna volenteer to be my room manager.

Friday, August 14, 2009

yday night just when i was thinking i will be all alone in the room for the rest of the night, my GLs and group member gave me a surprise visit after peng guan concert. my seniors even took turns to da bao food for me coz i cant go out. they r really nice ppl. cant wait to get well. tomorrow i hav replacement lec at 8.3 and after that they are going to east coast for cycling and 'skating'. pray for me i will get well tomorrrow so that i can go.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i went to see doc today... the say i got the flu and im room quaratined now. why..... why me.. if really certified h1n1, this shall be my last post......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

after orientation

finally orientation ended. this is the 1st time i see msian so united. the seniors here are really helpful and caring. i can see that they put in a lot of efforts in this FOC camp just to make sure that we do all our admin stuff correctly, planned lots of activities to help us break the ice. they tried everything like entertain and play games with us get us into groups when they see us not mixing around. then they shouted till their voices gone for cheers, slept at 4 smtg woke up at 6 smtg to prepare everything for us. then when we go out the seniors carry bottles of water for us when we go out for games. they even prepare lozenges, vitamins, pei pa gou for us when some of us fell sick. 1st few days were quite boring coz we were doing all the admin stuff then on the 4 days things started to get fun. we got speed dating but with our eyes blind folded. then the next day they will reveal out secret partner. my SP was ok but the next day he ffk me for pool games on last day. then i got to pair with some skinny dude whose waist is 3 quater of mine. -_-''' there was a game where we hav to sit on our sp shoulder to play and he made me fell into the water coz he cannnot stabalise himself when the opponent pushed us. then got ghost house which we didnt expect. suprisingly i wasnt very scare. hahhaha. bangga. then we did many silly and pai seh stuff during the camp. one day we went out around spore for station games. then we hav to sing our cheers in public. there;s one cheer that goes like this 'this is ur banana, nananaa, *with actions that shows the banana is small, then this is my banana, nannana* actions showing the banana is big, chop of ur banana, nanana, now u hav no banana, hahaha. imagine singing tat towards some ang moh in the ferry while standing on the bridge. so maluuu. honestly i think this is the best camp ever. very good planning and really smtg u can expect from ppl and uni in spore. seniors were sporting and they did a good job in organising the camp. when prob arise they can handle it well. im really proud to be a malaysian which i dun before this. hahahah. the seniors really amazed me with their unity and dedications to the freshies. the last day of camp after the closing ceremony we went mamak for yum cha session till 5 smtg in the morning. 1st time i go to a mamak stall in spore. their roti canai was 1 smtg and i can get it for rm0.5 in msia. oh another thing, i didnt know we cannot drink water in MRT.

many thanks to my GLs, AGLs,SAs,Welfares,photographer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


in ntu now.... missing home... many things to settle. time table pack like hell dont know if i will be able to work partime.

orientation is quite fun. too many names and faces to remember.
campus too big and still trying to remember the routes
got the worst hall according to seniors coz its isolated and no canteen.
got to take bus to other halls to eat. the food in the nearest hall sucks.
one good thing bout my hall is close to my school
*someone jumped down from my school building!!!!! scaryy
roomie going bac this thurs. i wish i can go bac too... sighh

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

waiting is the most torturous thing for me.. sitting there in front of the computer waiting and waiting like an idiot. pls pls dont tell me its a mistake. ppl there r suppose to be pro so pls dont tell me its technical prob or wateva excuses. ive come this far and there;s no turning bac for me so pls pls pls dont blow this off.......

wait wait wait and wait.............

Saturday, July 25, 2009

financial crisis

shopping day!! i picked up my 'human gps' in the morning from her school and we drove from puchong to mid valley. had our breakfast in canton i and we were the 1st customers for the day. since someone's bf is working there she say that she can ask her bf to pay the bill. so much for foc in the end we split the bill but she did get something. he gave her 50 bucks for shopping. didnt leave with empty hand at least. went to fix my antique watch and it costed me 12 buck to change the battery. after the food and the battery i realised that my whole wallet there was onli bout 10 bucks left excluding the 50 bucks parkson voucher. we were both walking around mid valley with less than 30bucks cash in our pocket. i've never felt so poor in my life before. OMG!!! then i went to the atm machine to cash some money but the min amount is 50 bucks and my account has less than 50 bucks. i felt so insecure and seriously broke. anyway i left mid valley with only 2 scarlet panties.

after mid valley with my effective 'gps' we reached my aunt house in Sg.Long. i helped to fix the comp and left right after. on the way bac i drove until 140km/h on some highway. it was damn thrilling. if it was my proton i think it would shatter into pieces with that speed.

i think i;ve been slacking too much... and i love it. hahha. everyone is back to where they should be. how i wish day will never pass and the earth stop spinning so that i can remain....

Friday, July 3, 2009

USM orientation week

a total of 6 days of orientation in usm nibong tebal. the 1st day we got our room keys and it looks ok at least better than the one in utem. though it was really dusty and the matress was really fugly. there were hair and some yellowish spots on the mattress. there were only me and another girl in my room. there;s suppose to be 4 person a room. so basically day one was all bout cleaning the room. the bathroom was as expected not in good condition. there's bugs and insects. there;s this kind of insects they called 'charlie' when it crawls on u ur skin will go all red, itchy and feels like burning. day 2 is the registration day until the afternoon. then we had our lunch in the cafeteria. there wasnt much choices there but the price is dirt cheap. i ate for 5 days in usm and i;ve used only bout rm20. the best thing there was the waffle which was the 1st meal i had and the last meal before i leave usm. in the evening we had rehearsal for MSS(majlis sambutan siswa) and hav to wear formal. we got so boring that we were playing john mechanic, finger games and whateva game that we can play. the main hall was so far far away and by the time we reached we were all sweaty. amy and i agree that it was a 'walkable' campus until my shoe finally spoilt on day 4. on our way to the main hall there was a path that they call the winter sonata but it was more like summer sonata there. yes that was me and credit to our photographer amy.

day 3 was the real MSS. there was a teleconference between 3 campus and we could see the conditions in the other 2 campus.

then the rest of the days there;s talks and tour to our school. my course is in e&e school and i was the only chinese girl in my course. there were bout 26 ppl and only 3 girls. the other two were malays. scary.... we also have tour to the library.
it was quite big and it has 4 floors. there were many books from other publisher but none from springer, my aunt's company. hahhaha.

on the 5th day we had senamrobik on the field and that was where i got crawled by 'charlie'. by the time i got bac to my hostel i could see my ears swollen my face a bit swollen as well. it was really itchy and i could feel my whole neck burning. i went up to the facilitator to ask if she got any cream that i can apply. she asked me to go to the hall first coz the dinner with the deputy cansellor is bout to start and she will bring the cream to me later. ok fine so i went to the dinner and waited until at one point saw her again and went to her. her reaction was ' ohh u.' then she turned to another facilitator and asked if she got the cream but dun hav. -_-'' she totally forgot bout me. i think if its an emergency i would hav died.
this is the dinner. not so clear shot. then there was performances from hostel lembaran(mine) and jaya(amy).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

here goes... another boring day passed. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow;s outing or smtg that can make my day less dead. docs, procedures are the last thing on my mind now just dont feel like thinking bout them for the time being. 3 other ppl bailing for spore which made my doubt stronger.... bought a wireless mouse today for rm18. someone told me i got a good deal. the only reason i bought it is bcoz i wanna play 'soldier front' on my laptop.. i'm a really bad sniper. even my bro who played for the 1st time got more kill than me. ok mayb all his cs training is the reason. i'm better with spraying. haha. someone show me some tricks .. but i shall figure it out how it was done and a new word for the day, 'danke' means thank u. i feel like buying an external hard disk, a new phone with gps so that i wont get lost, mayb 1 or 2 more formal shirt, feel like cutting my hair (have been saying for dunno how long but u still see the same me after years), need to buy more contacts from yik foong and the list of things i need to do and feel like doing goes on but i'm just too lazy...
i miss ny from time to time so i shall post some expired pics of mine and tell some old story.
3 drunken ppl and one of them is underage. that night was quite a night. came bac from dinner and we found out the door couldnt be opened and its was locked from inside and we thought there were some robbers hiding inside. we dare not stand infront of the door coz we were afraid they might hav guns and shot us right through the door. we waited for bout half an hour or more then we decided to quietly try to break the lock with a bend key chain ring. it was as if we were in those action movies. finally i openned the door with a twist using my magic hand. haha. and we realise the lock was faulty and noone was inside. how sillly that we panicked for nothing.

this is rockefeller and that indian lady is spoiling my pic with her sad face.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


just came back from cameron highland. its exactly what i need a relaxing vacation. i went for strawberries picking for the 1st time. i dunno why it seems that most of the strawberries that i plucked the whole thing came off together with the roots. hope they will have enough strawberries growing for the next time coz i think i killed many of those plants. haha. mayb its the way i pluck. the next day we went to 'teh boh' tea plantation. they renovated the place so it was quite nice. enjoyed my tea and the view. i can just sit there for hours if we need not rush back to ipoh.

Friday, May 29, 2009

i've decided. hopefully this is not a decision that i will regret later. hopefully i can get a job as soon as i grad. hopefully i can cope with things there. hopefully everything will turn out to be ok.
cant help to wonder wat will i become in 4 years time. is this the right route for me? how will the life there be?? will i be able to handle?? questions and doubts are all i have now. maybe i think too much and too far........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all those lies and fake hopes


Monday, May 11, 2009

asean failure

i think i totally messed up my asean interview. i put my 1 st choice chemistry and biological chem which i dun even know wats has gotten into me that time. i didnt even like or took bio in stpm. so i requested for change. they approved me for e&e eng. ok. then during the interview they brought up these and ask me y so i say i like physics more. then after that things became harder to twist. there was this scholarship essay ques wat is ur biggest achievement. i wrote bout dissecting a frog. i hate living things and i'm afraid of things that crawl or jump but i managed to finish the task. tats was how i pulled off my essay. then prob came when they ask me according to ur essay it seems like u have interest in biology why change the course we offered. there;s contradiction of what i wrote and my choice of course. its like i chosed chem and biology course then i change to e & e coz i like physics. wth was i trying to say there. i'm so screwed....... not convincing at all...

Friday, May 8, 2009

ok. i'm blogging while pretending i'm busy replying customer's email. haha. hope my aunt wont find out. i just have to take the risk to complain abit here. beh tahan edi. some customers are just so freaking dumb. i stated there the stock availability is 'available' still they will call to ask is the book available. wth!!! cant u read. then there are another kind of dumb customers. they will email us a freaking long list of books to ask us bout the price when they could actually check online. thats wat i do to check. those ppl are just freaking lazy to check themselves. big swt ----_____-------""""""""""

Friday, May 1, 2009

finally some excitements after some donkey working lee hom concert!!! have been working non stop since the fair. boss that give me non stop works. very unlucky my place is expose and my boss can check on me all the time. she will give me work whenever i seems free. -_-" ok i dun wanna complain so much bout that. anyhow she is my aunt. not good to talk bad bout her. haha. i got my pay cheque!!!! 2nd cheque on the way. must reward myself 99. i think i need some massage. mayb i should go for spa. haha.

i'm craving for another vacation....

cracking my brain for so many things.

feeling regret for choices i have made

my bank account is frozen. -_-" i cant bank in my cheque. got to unfreeze it. set it on fire. haha

need to go bac ipoh collect my new IC. have been leaving it for a month. might not like the new IC coz they forced me to clip my fringe. must look like ah piao....

need to make alot of international calls. my phone now its like vacuum pam. its sucking in all my money.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

start working

yesterday was my 1st day of work. everything is fine so far. no mistakes everything is smooth. but got some scratches on both my hands caused by the books. i pity my boss(my aunt) it seems like every year during this time when we r so in need of ppl to work there's got to be some trouble with the stocks coordinator. 2 years bac, that lady her uterus fell or falling or smtg i'm not sure but the main point is she cannot work and carry heavy books. then last year that woman she was a pain in the ass according to my aunt. she dont help much all she did was chat and gossip around so in the end my aunt fired her. then this year, this one she got a lump in the breast and she is bout to undergo a surgery to remove it and she is not working at the fair. i think this post is under some curse and my aunt ask me to take over the job if the lady cannot work after the surgery just for the time being. hopefully there wont be anything misfortune happen to me if i am to substitute her place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my vaio got scratched..... arghh... its only bout 3 months. i need to buy a cover soon......

finally two applications gaodim. few more to go....

Friday, April 3, 2009

i hope u all go bankrupt soon... -_-"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

seems like so many ppl having trouble sleeping lately. my cousin, amy including me. arghhhhh all those application stuff are just damn 'fan'. make my head wanna explode. why do all those freaking companies wan so many stuff.. -_-" resume, testimonial, pay slip/income tax which i dun hav and i need to write some freaking letter explaining my financial status.. need to take passport photo then need to write stupid essays like why do u think u deserve the scholarship. -_-" Why? because i need it to freaking stay away from public local uni and get the hell out of malaysia. so many things to do so little time. need to read on the infomation bout the company offerring the scholarship somemore to prepare for the interiew. need to get formal clothes and shoes for interiew another thing to fan.. =_=" i was never good in outfits... feel like showing up in my new ecko shoes and jeans -_-"" everybody in the world is like 'fanning' their own things. i miss the 3months break in ny......... dunno when will i hav the chance again....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

1. What is your name: joanne

2. A four Letter Word: jazz

3. A boy's Name: james

4. A girl's Name: janice

5. An occupation: janitor.

6. A color: jingga hahahah

7. Something you'll wear: anyone can help?

8. Food: jackfruits

9. Something found in the bathroom: jelly fish? cannot think of any la...

10.A name of a place : jamaica

11.A reason for being late: jammed in trafic

12. Something you'd shout: ''jialat lo"

13. A movie title: journey to the center of the earth

14. Something you drink: juice

15. A musical group : jonas brothers

16. An animal: jaguar

17. A street name: jalan kampar. doest it count?

18. A type of car: jeep?

19. The title of a song: just stand up

Thursday, March 5, 2009

when is spring coming??? its already early march and its still cold. just two days ago it snowed again. i just hope winter pass quickly so that they will reopen the ship service and i can go to statue of liberty. its a shame if i came to ny and didnt go there. i just watched street fighter legend of chun li. it was not as good as i expected. kinda disapponted. it was played by kristin kreuk and i was hoping it would be a good one. cheik.... no good. nothing much to blog these days. either work or stuck at home cause of the snow....
2 more weeks and i'm leaving already. i'm sure i will miss my cousins here. there were some times i was hoping i can go bac to msia faster but now that i;m really going to go bac soon makes me feel like i never got enough of it here. feel like wanting to stay longer and explore more of the things here. another reason i dont feel like going bac is when i go bac i will hav to face my result and all the fussy applications that come after this. arghhh.... hate it...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yesterday i went to a college in manhattan called hunter college. a friend of mine goes there and she took business law. so she suggested maybe we could follow her and join her for the lesson. we agreed and went yesterday morning. actually we just sneaked in we are not suppose to be in the class at all. i think the prof did noticed that we are not from his class but he just doesnt care and besides we were very good students because we paid full attention during the whole lesson. it was quite interesting. it has been so long i've not been in a class. felt kinda weird. lol. he taught something about option offers, firm offers, promisory estopel or something like that cant really remember. haha. i find business law kinda easy or maybe just because the examples that he gave were very straight forward.

then today i went to broadway. there were so many theatres. we were looking for equus but never found it. wonder where is it. haha.

anyone want to watch mama mia on stage?

then we went to the m&m shop. it was huge and the whole place was full of m&ms it has two levels some more. that place is like m&ms paradise. it has been so long i have not eat m&ms. felt like diving into a pool of m&ms.

on the second level there was this very interesting machine. you stand under it and it determines ur mood at the moment and your m&ms colour. mine was dark blue. it says i'm feeling serious and sophisticated. lol!!! . we bought some and it came with this cute m&ms bag.

after we went out of the stall there were two police officers standing there probably on duty they came up to us and ask can we have some m&ms. we were shocked. it was like out of nowhere some police officers come up to you. anyway we gave it to them. not long after that we encounter this guy giving out flyers. he gave us flyers and he saw the m&ms then he ask can he have some again. i never know newyorkers like m&ms so much. hahaha. it was really funny though. after that we hid the m&m's in the bag if not i think it would have been finish before we even reach home.

next as we walked we reached time square.

this is the stage. it was actually just some stairs. then around were shops. there was also planet hollywood and hard rock cafe. there were actually quite many ppl inside compare to the one we have in kl according to my cousin.

got to go back to work tomorrow. sigh. getting tired.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 days trip

last 2 days i went for a trip to upstate of new york some place call syracuse. the 1st day we went to woodbury outlet. bought smtg for my bro a clothes for myself. they gave us only about 3 hours to shop which is not enough. that place was so big and to finish walking the place it needs whole day. then after that we went to a casino called turning stone. CASINO!!!! ever since i learnt to gamble i always dream of entering a casino. hahahaha. finally i went into one. i went in legally coz it says 18 and above. hahha. i played blackjack. i was winning at 1st. i won 60dollars then i lost back. T.T we spent the night in some inn called holiday inn. ntg much in the inn. just one small swimming pool and a restaurant. then next day we went skiing at song mountain. it was extremely fun!!!!!!! i wish i can go for another time. they only give us 4 hours. again its not enough for me. arghh... 1st i was traning at the beginners route. it was ok.i fell many times at 1st coz i cant stop. haha. luckily didnt hit anyone when i was coming down. after many times of falling i've learnt to control and stop. then i decided to go for the harder route. i took the cable up and o.O omg kinda regret. along the way up i saw the route it was long and freaking steep but there was no turning back. finally i reached the top. then i skied down. i think i fell like million times along the way down. haha. its was crazyly steep. then i even saw kids more pro then me. they went down so fast like race cars. they turn left and right like pro. malu shit. when they passed me i was lying there trying to get up. i thought after i could handle the beginners route i should be able to handle this route but it was harder than i thought. lolz. this was the end of the trip.
will upload the pics later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today is off day for me so i went 5th ave with my cousin. this street is like shopping paradise but only for rich ppl. ppl like us will have to sell our ass to buy things from here. its mostly designers brands and they r freaking expensive. oh we went into abercrombie&fitch. at the entrance two models were standing a girl and a guy. poor the guy he was posing topless and standing in front of the door. when ppl open the door he must be shivering. lol. then the girls inside were all dancing and greeting the customers. every single guy and girl was tall pretty and handsome. with the songs and ppl dancing the atmosphere was so good that you wont feel heart ache even you spend hundreds in there. but too bad i;m wayyyy too broke to spend. hahaha. the service there was very good mayb too good. there's 3 floors and every single floors i go or should i say everywhere i go ppl will come up and introduce themselves and ask how can they help. i think if i stay there longer i will know the name of every single person that works there. lolzzz. then there are others shops as well. louis vuitton,escada,dior,chanel,armani exchange, bottega veneta, keneth cole or smtg all kinda designers brands.

tgi fridays? cant afford. so in the end we went sbarro to eat 3 dollar one piece of pizza for lunch. lolz..

pucci? haha. i know gucci didnt know there's pucci.

trump tower is in this street as well. the building is crazyly golden in colour. the walls everywhere is painted gold. the building includes offices, restaurants,bars,shops, and its like a little shopping complex with offices at the higher levels of the building. the employees can shop and eat during the break. how nice............ i want to work in trump tower too....

this is inside the building.

next we went to the apple store. the store its located underground. there;s stairs and elevator that goes down. i want to buy the iphone so badly...... but have to sign contract with some phone company for 2 years to get it for 199 and if without contract it will cost 399 but still u have to be an at&t user. they dont sell it like retail. argh.......

thats it for today.. tomorrow working again. hope tomorrow less deliveries but more customers come in so that i can get more tips. lolzzz.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm going to get my pay check soonnnnnnnn....!!!! cant wait till sunday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

its been long since my last post. haha. i got a job here. consider myself lucky coz the economy is so bad here and so many ppl got fired. i got in coz i got a referral from inside thanks to my aunt. i;m currently working as cashier in some restaurant called better burger and yes like its name it sells burgers and other food like fries and hotdogs etc. but only they r organic. lol. the staffs there r actually very nice ppl though almost everyone of them r spanish ppl and me and the other guy r the only chinese ppl around except for the manager. basically my job is to collect money and answers delivery calls and some other side work as well like cleaning the tables and refill stuffs. they hav foods which i hav never heard of like peanutbutter squash or wateve so i had some trouble with the calls coz i dunno how to answer the customers. one bad thing bout cashier is that if at the end of the day the counter is short cashiers hav to fork out the money. the very 1st day i was 20 dollars short and damn my partner and i had to tip in. i paid 7 bucks and he paid 13. however we also hav tips from customers so minus the tips on that day i paid only 3 bucks. luckily the next 2 days i was never short again or there goes all my pay.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the trip in canada was fun and i really miss my aunt's cooking and the house including my cousins there. i love the house especially the backyard. haha. i like it after snowing. the backyard was spacious and we could actually play snow war there. my aunt used to plant things there in the summer.

this is outside the house. the snow here can go until up ur knee.

this is the backyard. hahaha. the whole place was covered with snow.

this is my aunt's house

thats at night. anyone who saw me must think that i'm a freako who came out in the middle of the night to take picture. haha. it was bout 1 am that time. my cousin and i were watching tv then we saw it snowing outside so we went out a while but i cant really capture the snow with my phone.

this is a skate rink near city hall in toronto

this is queens street. i dun really know where issit but there's many clothes shop on the street.

the building behind is Much Music. its like some destination for music videos, live performances and interviews celebrities.

thats all i could post for now. me and my cousin r actually stealing ppl's line. so sometimes the connection is really bad.

Friday, January 2, 2009

hello 2009!!! what is my resolution? none actually. just hope i can get rich. haha. i kinda regret coming to canada this early should hav come here after new year. guess how did i spent the last second of 2008. in front of the tv laying on my bed. -_-" how miserable. i saw on tv the celebration in new york it was so damn fun thought it was really crowded but if i were in NY i would hav go anyhow. so there i was with my cousin wishing each other happy new year. --__--" but then my day wasnt so bad in the morning coz i went to niagara falls. it was even colder than anywhere i've been to. the wind was so strong. i could felt my body almost being lifted. -___-" then i wore the wrong shoe. it was so cold that my feet were numb and i couldnt feel them.

that is my uncle and cousin. the wind is so strong.

see the bridge behind? thats the bridge that connects canada and US.

the water looks like kopi 'o' in malaysia

there;s actually a casino near there and my aunt thought we could enter at 18 but unfortunately its 19. that guard ask me to come another year. so much of thinking of wining money.