Monday, June 30, 2008

sat was nadia's last dinner in malaysia. on the same day i had my chess competition in the morning. it was quite fun at 1st and i won the 1st round, 2nd round draw then 3rd round won. at 12 i had my break and i rushed to tuition. i was late one hour and more for tuition -_-" but i still went. after tuition i went bac to school for the competition again. by that time i was so tired and bored with game already. the last few rounds i've no mood to play and my opponents were real good. so in the end i lost.

i went back straight home after that. it was already 3 smtg and at 6 i went to ciara;s house. we made muffins for nadia.
it was a success and it turned out better than the last batch. hahaha.


reminder: exam on 14th july.. T.T

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WIMAX!! i cant wait till it is launch in ipoh. my line is damn slow and always dc. it really pissed me off. so i set a record of not touching my comp for almost 2 weeks i think. haha. i couldnt remember exactly how long but i feel its very long. when wimax is launch i'm going to cancel this cacat streamyx.

ok... last sunday was ipoh starwalk. i walked with ciara and nadia. it was 10km i think. we slipped in to the very front of the starting line. for past few years of starwalk this is the 1st time i started in front line. after walking for some time from 1st we became like mayb 1000+th i dunno but there;s many ppl in front of us. then half way we stop at ching mun's house and we rest at the guard post there. we were drinking 100plus and some ppl came to buy drinks. hahaha. they thought the guard post there were selling drinks. then end of the walk we went jj and it was tiring. i felt like my whole body aching. the previous day i made my mom angry and i bought bug apple dougnuts to tum her. haha. and it actually did the trick she wasnt angry anymore. on the same day i totally forgot it was father;s day and that doughnuts save my day again. my dad was talking in some kinda way and indirectly he's asking where is his father;s day gift. i was holding the doughnuts and i say here i bought this specially for u. hahaha. at least i have something to give though my bro took a bite on every doughnut inside the box.

going to fetch my bro again.. i'm like the driver in the house-_-"after i got my license.. oh ya. those who are driving go for shell instead of caltex. its onli 2.62 per litre compare to caltex its 2.70. the rest i dunno.

Monday, June 2, 2008

tips for insomniac

some unusual tips for insomniac

toe wiggling
Lie on your back (where you should be in the first place) and wiggle your toes up and down 12 times, wiggling the toes of both feet at the same time. This will relax your entire body, inside and out.

eat snaks
A small, low protein, high carbohydrate bedtime snack, such as juice and cookies, eaten about an hour before bedtime, can help you fall asleep sooner.

massage tummy
Simply lie on your back and place your hand on your navel. Begin to make small circles in a clockwise direction as you gently glide your hand over your stomach. Let your circles gradually become bigger and bigger. When your circles reach the outside of your stomach, gradually reduce their size until you are back at your navel again. Then reverse the direction (to counter-clockwise) and do the same thing again. Repeat this whole series with your other hand. Do this several times

sex alone or with others
sex or masturbation. That usually helps you fall asleep -
hahaha. i thought sex will make ppl feel more energetic pula..

mayb i should try toe wiggling..haha.

this is hilarious.. haha i could stop laughing. this morning my dad cooked for me and my bro. thats like so rare i think the sun will rise from the west tomorrow. ok thats not the funny part. he cooked half boiled eggs for us with breads sausages milk. each of us got two eggs. i took one and i could eat the other one anymore. my bro took it and guess what he saw when he cracked that egg.. haha. STINKY LIQUID!!!! OMG!! TELUR BUSUK!!! HAHAHAHHA i was eating my bread and i ran into my room. EWW... i wanna vomit..totally spoiled my appetite. -_-" i think he needs to clean his hands with the whole bottle of detol... haha. luckily i was so full that i couldnt take that egg or that telur busuk would be mine. -_-"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i just couldnt sleep and i was tidying my room and i found my old pics in the cupboard. looking at those pics make me feel like wanting to be a child again. i wonder what was in my mind when i was a kid. what do i thought of all the time.... i bet it must be all the mischievous stuffs. haha. i remember once me and my bro we poured the whole bottle of baby powder on the floor and we slide on it. we threw powder everywhere as if its snowing then we used to hide all the canes and my mom has to buy a new one every time. every year we would spent our holiday in kl with my uncle and i once we cousins opened my uncle's room door and he suddenly sped from his bed to close the door coz i think he was sleeping naked inside. we heard him fell on the ground. hahaha.

"E.T phoned home"

miss mat kool is here

woah.. i remember this one. it took whole day for my mom to 'tum' me wear that ugly dress. its not even a dress. it just some cloths to cover my chest. -__-" and the girl beside me is singing so happily with her mouth wide opened. haha.

i could see in many of my pics that my mom just loves to tie coconut tree on my head.

.... so nostalgic...