Wednesday, August 26, 2009

culture shock

i need to brush up my chinese. most of the msian here speaks chinese and being banana is really not easy. very unfortunately those having same lec and tutorial with me all also sporeans. they way they speak are so different. i find it a bit hard to blend in. they speaks things which i dunno like the spore;s edu system and they like to use abbreviations.

when it comes to tutorial, i got a lousy econs tutor. he;s from china with his accent i can hardly catch his words. the way he teach is like speaking to himself. my physics lectures go like train and i always got left behind. then maths is crazy.. -_-'' rmb vectors where we do onli x and y now we got z. with all the crazy formulaes.

other than all those we got to get involve in coco also. ppl who r running for main comm they hav to promote themselves. its exactly like elections where u hav fish for votes. they even distribute flyers with their face on it asking for votes. then other clubs we got to go for interviews to run for either main comm or subcomm. just for this week i also dunno how many interviews i went edi. so hectic.

im still unemployed here. sigh.. and im spendin quite alot on food. shall chose those cheap cheap one...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

my 'dog nest'

my bed is the one on the left. as u can see this is my room condition. a hell of a mess. anyone wanna volenteer to be my room manager.

Friday, August 14, 2009

yday night just when i was thinking i will be all alone in the room for the rest of the night, my GLs and group member gave me a surprise visit after peng guan concert. my seniors even took turns to da bao food for me coz i cant go out. they r really nice ppl. cant wait to get well. tomorrow i hav replacement lec at 8.3 and after that they are going to east coast for cycling and 'skating'. pray for me i will get well tomorrrow so that i can go.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i went to see doc today... the say i got the flu and im room quaratined now. why..... why me.. if really certified h1n1, this shall be my last post......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

after orientation

finally orientation ended. this is the 1st time i see msian so united. the seniors here are really helpful and caring. i can see that they put in a lot of efforts in this FOC camp just to make sure that we do all our admin stuff correctly, planned lots of activities to help us break the ice. they tried everything like entertain and play games with us get us into groups when they see us not mixing around. then they shouted till their voices gone for cheers, slept at 4 smtg woke up at 6 smtg to prepare everything for us. then when we go out the seniors carry bottles of water for us when we go out for games. they even prepare lozenges, vitamins, pei pa gou for us when some of us fell sick. 1st few days were quite boring coz we were doing all the admin stuff then on the 4 days things started to get fun. we got speed dating but with our eyes blind folded. then the next day they will reveal out secret partner. my SP was ok but the next day he ffk me for pool games on last day. then i got to pair with some skinny dude whose waist is 3 quater of mine. -_-''' there was a game where we hav to sit on our sp shoulder to play and he made me fell into the water coz he cannnot stabalise himself when the opponent pushed us. then got ghost house which we didnt expect. suprisingly i wasnt very scare. hahhaha. bangga. then we did many silly and pai seh stuff during the camp. one day we went out around spore for station games. then we hav to sing our cheers in public. there;s one cheer that goes like this 'this is ur banana, nananaa, *with actions that shows the banana is small, then this is my banana, nannana* actions showing the banana is big, chop of ur banana, nanana, now u hav no banana, hahaha. imagine singing tat towards some ang moh in the ferry while standing on the bridge. so maluuu. honestly i think this is the best camp ever. very good planning and really smtg u can expect from ppl and uni in spore. seniors were sporting and they did a good job in organising the camp. when prob arise they can handle it well. im really proud to be a malaysian which i dun before this. hahahah. the seniors really amazed me with their unity and dedications to the freshies. the last day of camp after the closing ceremony we went mamak for yum cha session till 5 smtg in the morning. 1st time i go to a mamak stall in spore. their roti canai was 1 smtg and i can get it for rm0.5 in msia. oh another thing, i didnt know we cannot drink water in MRT.

many thanks to my GLs, AGLs,SAs,Welfares,photographer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


in ntu now.... missing home... many things to settle. time table pack like hell dont know if i will be able to work partime.

orientation is quite fun. too many names and faces to remember.
campus too big and still trying to remember the routes
got the worst hall according to seniors coz its isolated and no canteen.
got to take bus to other halls to eat. the food in the nearest hall sucks.
one good thing bout my hall is close to my school
*someone jumped down from my school building!!!!! scaryy
roomie going bac this thurs. i wish i can go bac too... sighh