Monday, November 23, 2009

god.. god..pls give me bac my spirit. i totally lost my momentum after the 3rd paper and i still got computing on the way.. finding a place to study in uni is such a hard thing in ntu. wake up early in the morning thought mayb can get a decent place in library and what u see is a line of zombies waiting for the library door to open.. went to business library finally found a place to study but what do u know u keep on hearing 'bang bang bang' and 'nggreeeeee'. workers doing renovation in library they cover the place with some cloths but u know those arent 'sound proof'.. -_-'' even the benches along the walkway is full sometimes.. another choice would be interim reading room. not tat bad in the morning but after a while it turned into kopitiam. i think bout 3 weeks back i saw an ah tiong camping in N2 reading room. when i say camping is really camping. he brought all his food, books, and even matress anything tat is in his room basically he just shifted his whole room to the reading room. when i saw him he was sleeping openly on the matress just like that. i shall take these ah tiong as motivation!!! i must take out my thinking cap again and mayb consider camping also for the rest of the days till exam come. lolz..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i did the most pantang thing in my presentation today by facing my buttock to the audience. i wanted to look at the script behind and i turned.. shouldnt have done that... but thanks to my brochure assignment i think i will survive. haha and yet the brochure wasnt done by any of my groupmates. all the credits goes to boon choon. danke danke!!! now must choing for my maths and econs... exam in a week time. countdown..

Monday, November 9, 2009

rushing to finsh lab report!!! freaking presentation coming soon and i hav not prepare anything. exam less than 2 weeks away- definately couldnt finish reading. i need a miracle to happen!! can t wait for holiday to come. I will study real hard next sem!!! no more play no more going out!! i will just focus on study and work!!. I've been telling myself but nvr work...

spending my 1st night in frens house in spore. 'slumber party'? not really... the next day im going in lec walking like a zombie...