Thursday, March 26, 2009

seems like so many ppl having trouble sleeping lately. my cousin, amy including me. arghhhhh all those application stuff are just damn 'fan'. make my head wanna explode. why do all those freaking companies wan so many stuff.. -_-" resume, testimonial, pay slip/income tax which i dun hav and i need to write some freaking letter explaining my financial status.. need to take passport photo then need to write stupid essays like why do u think u deserve the scholarship. -_-" Why? because i need it to freaking stay away from public local uni and get the hell out of malaysia. so many things to do so little time. need to read on the infomation bout the company offerring the scholarship somemore to prepare for the interiew. need to get formal clothes and shoes for interiew another thing to fan.. =_=" i was never good in outfits... feel like showing up in my new ecko shoes and jeans -_-"" everybody in the world is like 'fanning' their own things. i miss the 3months break in ny......... dunno when will i hav the chance again....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

1. What is your name: joanne

2. A four Letter Word: jazz

3. A boy's Name: james

4. A girl's Name: janice

5. An occupation: janitor.

6. A color: jingga hahahah

7. Something you'll wear: anyone can help?

8. Food: jackfruits

9. Something found in the bathroom: jelly fish? cannot think of any la...

10.A name of a place : jamaica

11.A reason for being late: jammed in trafic

12. Something you'd shout: ''jialat lo"

13. A movie title: journey to the center of the earth

14. Something you drink: juice

15. A musical group : jonas brothers

16. An animal: jaguar

17. A street name: jalan kampar. doest it count?

18. A type of car: jeep?

19. The title of a song: just stand up

Thursday, March 5, 2009

when is spring coming??? its already early march and its still cold. just two days ago it snowed again. i just hope winter pass quickly so that they will reopen the ship service and i can go to statue of liberty. its a shame if i came to ny and didnt go there. i just watched street fighter legend of chun li. it was not as good as i expected. kinda disapponted. it was played by kristin kreuk and i was hoping it would be a good one. cheik.... no good. nothing much to blog these days. either work or stuck at home cause of the snow....
2 more weeks and i'm leaving already. i'm sure i will miss my cousins here. there were some times i was hoping i can go bac to msia faster but now that i;m really going to go bac soon makes me feel like i never got enough of it here. feel like wanting to stay longer and explore more of the things here. another reason i dont feel like going bac is when i go bac i will hav to face my result and all the fussy applications that come after this. arghhh.... hate it...