Saturday, December 5, 2009

when you are having exam you pray hard and cant wait for it to finish but then exam is over you can t seems to find things to do. anyway.. the other day i went out for pool with some friends after that we went for dinner at some place near clarke then geylang. For some reasons the girls in the car are more excited than the guys. We went to see the aquarium and we can see some half naked fishes inside. all these aquariums are at the even number streets and the odd numbers are the foods. some of them are really hot but mostly are not. my friend say there;s one area where all the older ones are but luckily we didnt see any or it would most probably spoil our appetite. for those from chinas you can pick one up for bout 40 bucks then the cheaper ones can go down to 10 bucks!! i kinda pity them... I work for one hour for 9 bucks and all i have to do is just talk on the phone. Then every lot there;s an old man sitting outside and they operate the place. next we went to esplanade for a drink. thats the end of day 1 post-exam.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

finally last paper chem tomorrow. couldnt be happier that this sem is ending!!!!!!!!!