Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yesterday i went to a college in manhattan called hunter college. a friend of mine goes there and she took business law. so she suggested maybe we could follow her and join her for the lesson. we agreed and went yesterday morning. actually we just sneaked in we are not suppose to be in the class at all. i think the prof did noticed that we are not from his class but he just doesnt care and besides we were very good students because we paid full attention during the whole lesson. it was quite interesting. it has been so long i've not been in a class. felt kinda weird. lol. he taught something about option offers, firm offers, promisory estopel or something like that cant really remember. haha. i find business law kinda easy or maybe just because the examples that he gave were very straight forward.

then today i went to broadway. there were so many theatres. we were looking for equus but never found it. wonder where is it. haha.

anyone want to watch mama mia on stage?

then we went to the m&m shop. it was huge and the whole place was full of m&ms it has two levels some more. that place is like m&ms paradise. it has been so long i have not eat m&ms. felt like diving into a pool of m&ms.

on the second level there was this very interesting machine. you stand under it and it determines ur mood at the moment and your m&ms colour. mine was dark blue. it says i'm feeling serious and sophisticated. lol!!! . we bought some and it came with this cute m&ms bag.

after we went out of the stall there were two police officers standing there probably on duty they came up to us and ask can we have some m&ms. we were shocked. it was like out of nowhere some police officers come up to you. anyway we gave it to them. not long after that we encounter this guy giving out flyers. he gave us flyers and he saw the m&ms then he ask can he have some again. i never know newyorkers like m&ms so much. hahaha. it was really funny though. after that we hid the m&m's in the bag if not i think it would have been finish before we even reach home.

next as we walked we reached time square.

this is the stage. it was actually just some stairs. then around were shops. there was also planet hollywood and hard rock cafe. there were actually quite many ppl inside compare to the one we have in kl according to my cousin.

got to go back to work tomorrow. sigh. getting tired.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 days trip

last 2 days i went for a trip to upstate of new york some place call syracuse. the 1st day we went to woodbury outlet. bought smtg for my bro a clothes for myself. they gave us only about 3 hours to shop which is not enough. that place was so big and to finish walking the place it needs whole day. then after that we went to a casino called turning stone. CASINO!!!! ever since i learnt to gamble i always dream of entering a casino. hahahaha. finally i went into one. i went in legally coz it says 18 and above. hahha. i played blackjack. i was winning at 1st. i won 60dollars then i lost back. T.T we spent the night in some inn called holiday inn. ntg much in the inn. just one small swimming pool and a restaurant. then next day we went skiing at song mountain. it was extremely fun!!!!!!! i wish i can go for another time. they only give us 4 hours. again its not enough for me. arghh... 1st i was traning at the beginners route. it was ok.i fell many times at 1st coz i cant stop. haha. luckily didnt hit anyone when i was coming down. after many times of falling i've learnt to control and stop. then i decided to go for the harder route. i took the cable up and o.O omg kinda regret. along the way up i saw the route it was long and freaking steep but there was no turning back. finally i reached the top. then i skied down. i think i fell like million times along the way down. haha. its was crazyly steep. then i even saw kids more pro then me. they went down so fast like race cars. they turn left and right like pro. malu shit. when they passed me i was lying there trying to get up. i thought after i could handle the beginners route i should be able to handle this route but it was harder than i thought. lolz. this was the end of the trip.
will upload the pics later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today is off day for me so i went 5th ave with my cousin. this street is like shopping paradise but only for rich ppl. ppl like us will have to sell our ass to buy things from here. its mostly designers brands and they r freaking expensive. oh we went into abercrombie&fitch. at the entrance two models were standing a girl and a guy. poor the guy he was posing topless and standing in front of the door. when ppl open the door he must be shivering. lol. then the girls inside were all dancing and greeting the customers. every single guy and girl was tall pretty and handsome. with the songs and ppl dancing the atmosphere was so good that you wont feel heart ache even you spend hundreds in there. but too bad i;m wayyyy too broke to spend. hahaha. the service there was very good mayb too good. there's 3 floors and every single floors i go or should i say everywhere i go ppl will come up and introduce themselves and ask how can they help. i think if i stay there longer i will know the name of every single person that works there. lolzzz. then there are others shops as well. louis vuitton,escada,dior,chanel,armani exchange, bottega veneta, keneth cole or smtg all kinda designers brands.

tgi fridays? cant afford. so in the end we went sbarro to eat 3 dollar one piece of pizza for lunch. lolz..

pucci? haha. i know gucci didnt know there's pucci.

trump tower is in this street as well. the building is crazyly golden in colour. the walls everywhere is painted gold. the building includes offices, restaurants,bars,shops, and its like a little shopping complex with offices at the higher levels of the building. the employees can shop and eat during the break. how nice............ i want to work in trump tower too....

this is inside the building.

next we went to the apple store. the store its located underground. there;s stairs and elevator that goes down. i want to buy the iphone so badly...... but have to sign contract with some phone company for 2 years to get it for 199 and if without contract it will cost 399 but still u have to be an at&t user. they dont sell it like retail. argh.......

thats it for today.. tomorrow working again. hope tomorrow less deliveries but more customers come in so that i can get more tips. lolzzz.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm going to get my pay check soonnnnnnnn....!!!! cant wait till sunday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

its been long since my last post. haha. i got a job here. consider myself lucky coz the economy is so bad here and so many ppl got fired. i got in coz i got a referral from inside thanks to my aunt. i;m currently working as cashier in some restaurant called better burger and yes like its name it sells burgers and other food like fries and hotdogs etc. but only they r organic. lol. the staffs there r actually very nice ppl though almost everyone of them r spanish ppl and me and the other guy r the only chinese ppl around except for the manager. basically my job is to collect money and answers delivery calls and some other side work as well like cleaning the tables and refill stuffs. they hav foods which i hav never heard of like peanutbutter squash or wateve so i had some trouble with the calls coz i dunno how to answer the customers. one bad thing bout cashier is that if at the end of the day the counter is short cashiers hav to fork out the money. the very 1st day i was 20 dollars short and damn my partner and i had to tip in. i paid 7 bucks and he paid 13. however we also hav tips from customers so minus the tips on that day i paid only 3 bucks. luckily the next 2 days i was never short again or there goes all my pay.