Monday, June 28, 2010

finally the so call event job is finished!! past few days was damn tiring until i cant feel my toes.
its so not fair the promoter opposite me her pay is higher than me and all she do is just stand when i have to prepare this prepare that.

how many ways are there to say 'hot' in chinese?
're' , 'tang', 'sao' ?

I was telling one aunty 'xiao xin tang'=be careful its hot
she replied with a blur face: ha? careful of the soup?
then another aunty said: 'ta shou sao'=she says its hot

that made me looked stupid -_-''

another word that if didnt get the tone correct i can end up getting complaint from these free to shit 30 times a day housewives. The word is 'fen' which can be 'fen'=noodles or 'fen'=shit.
If for one second my tongue had an epilepsy and twisted the word a little i will end up saying "Do you wanna try our SHIT" instead of noodle.

why i say these aunty is free to shit 30 times a day.. because i saw the same aunties for the past 3 days and they probabaly come everyday and its amazing how everyday they can go back with their trolley overflowed.

Back to my weekdays only job..


Friday, June 11, 2010

tentatively my exam timetable is until 18th dec. i will have paper everyday from 13th. crazy sia...
if everything is smooth. mayb i will go aust right after that.
that also depends if ppl in aust are still in aust.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In need of smtg refreshing!!
In search of smtg new!!

Hell with all the mlm. -_-"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

there was one indian grad student came by the office today.. all he was asking for is to logon into his acc to check whether did he pass for his master. his cgpa was at the edge last sem and this sem's gpa is his only chance to pass but he couldnt logon due to outstanding fees. he said he needs to get the result to apply for a job. Looking desperate he keep on saying all he need is to see his result and i could see that he almost wanna break down and as if he was going to go down on his knees. as much as i wanna help i cant and i felt so terrible everytime he repeat that. all i can say is we cant help unless you settle ur fees. in the end after about 20min he gave up and walked away disappointed.
i think this is one of the worst thing that can happen to anyone. you dunno if you can graduate, u got no money to pay for the fees, u cant apply for a job until u get the money and get ur certificate and if u dont pass u got take the exam again and pay more.