Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uni drama

Too many things happened too fast in the past few days . It turned out to be really dramatic and i was not prepared it. neither did i handled the situation properly. Ppl usually face one prob at a time but for my case troubles just come like water pipe. Anyway finally everything ended and i feel really bad of how it turned out to be except for one thing..I just hope that time will do the magic.
end of uni drama.
pulau ubin here i come!! i have to reward myself after all everyone got to enjoy their recess week in msia while im working so i must at least get one day of play.

Monday, September 28, 2009

finally after all the shit for the past 2 months something good happened.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i got to get 3k sgd by 12 oct...
yday was a roller coaster ride for me.. almost got heart attack!!

resolution for recess week- study study and study!!! and work work and work till i drop dead..
hostel fees is here costing bout 400 plus and my account left like 200 bucks. i saw the donation box on the counter at mcD mayb tonight i shall go rob tat box.

~rushing to class now

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

everyone is going bac on recess week but i will be here catching up wateva i;ve missed. sigh.. oh i tried "MOS Burger" recommended by nadia. It was really nice though the price is not so. next one im gonna try will be "Pepper Lunch". The food in spore couldnt really satisfy me.. mayb i will use the recess week to hunt for food. "jalan jalan cari makan"

thanks to my very kind fren that borrowed me his car i drove in spore for few times. the traffic rules was a bit weird to me. i can go in front and stop in the middle of the road and wait till the road is clear to turn. i was thinking of mayb renting a car when necessary but very unfortunately usually they only rent their cars to those above 21. so sorry ppl i cant drive u around when u come in this 2 years time.

yday nini called me i've no idea she is also in sg. will meet up with her when i hav the 'time'.
time is smtg i really dun hav now. im learning laws and things by einstien he is so great he should hav created a time machine for the sake of ppl in 20th centuries.

tues was not a good day for me. my 1st tutorial was 'great'. my very very 'kind' tutor suddenly say we r not allowed to use calculator for our quiz and the topic is complex number. -_-'''''''''''' the name is already complex so i totally screwed that paper. another thing tat made my veins burst and my head blow up like a freaking hot air balloon is those freaky chinese finished the ques in like less than 10 min. Me who was sitting helplessly near the door see them leave one by one.

~peace on everyone~