Saturday, April 19, 2008

sorry couldnt on9 these few days. my mom was furious about the streamyx bill. it costed her 300+. my bro was the one who were on9ing all the time with his cabal and yet me the innocent one also got the scolding. T.T so unfair. but it turn out good oso coz she finally gave in and decided to upgrade to the unlimited package. hahahaha.

this is the snail that mei wenn crushed the other day. at first she poke it with a pebble then throw it with it. it fell on to the ground and when she was walking bac to the field she stepped on it. ciara was so disgusted. if u see ciara;s facial expression u will laugh so much. haha.

i'm feeling very regret for not going to celine dion's concert. reading the paper the other day that describe the concert make me feel even more worst. i should have go.... argh....her voice is very.. i dunno how to describe its just too good.. even my bro like her songs. haha. the agong. siti and datuk.K also went to the concert......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm into sports lately.played badminton in school just now. it was really fun and i feel so comfortable and fresh after sweating.

ntg much to blog today anyway. i'm watching ''200 pounds of beauty'' again. its nice. mayb you all should go check it out in crunchyroll. its worth watching.

i've been going out quite often lately... i must tell myself to stop going out. stick my ass on the chair and start to study seriously. i think i need a private tutor. my maths is dying and i haven even start on chem yet... argh...
then muet is about a month away. my speaking sucks and my writing aint any better. teacher says i have to work on my 'monotonous' voice and volume. mayb i should bring a hidden mic when i go for speaking.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

does anyone wanna go gym? i went today. ICCC. mei wenn is a member. so we just went and pretend to be member oso. when we sign the entry book we just copied ppl's name and member ID. haha. it was fun. i could feel my abdomen all harden now. issit worth to pay every month to go to gym? no i dont think so. i rather use the money to eat. ciara suggested mayb we should go chingmun's house for gym and pay her. haha.

just yesterday after tuition a car knocked my front bumper coz his car was moving backward. ok this one mayb is my fault coz i was following too near. this morning there's accident again. this time not me. when i was sending my bro to school there;s this bus wanted to come out to the road then the other car wanted to go to the side so the bus bang into the car and the whole bumper came out. it seems like i came across quite a number of accidents lately. bad sign... bad sign.... i need to pray more so that accidents wont happen to me... amitabha.. amitabha...

need to concentrate on my prayers... later.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

arghhhhhh.... so pissed.. saturday is a school day and its from 8 to 4 p.m. there might be no class but there will be ceramah... -_-" ceramah on how to study effectively and those stupid nonsense.... the principal himself asked us to attend during the assembly. so have to bei a little bit min la. so mayb we will go then cabut half way. sigh...

a movie call kl drift is showing in cinema
doesnt it look similar? this is our malaysia version of ciplak tokyo drift. look at the ppl. exactly the same. the girl then the guy on the left takes that japanese yakuza's character. haha.

though i'm not into malay movies but then i'm quite interested in kl drift. its taken in kl afterall.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

yesterday i went to watch nim's island. it was ok. jodie foster in the movie was so funny. she has those some kinda i dunno wats the name but she is hygiene freak until she dare not go out the house. haha. seeing all her actions made me laugh.

yesterday night i watched lydia's sum documentary. got show her funeral in canada and hong kong. so many ppl give speech in hong kong. tat part bored me to death. ok. here's a brief intro of her. she started when she was 12 when the producer of some show wanted to find a fat girl in his show. lydia when she was young is so different. i couldnt recognise her face. i can onli recognise her fat. haha. then she and cheng siew chao actually started when a girl asked lydia to pass a letter to him. it was a break up letter. after that lydia felt guilty so they both started talking more dated then got married and got yan yi. omg yan yi became so slim edi. but got rumors say her bf is spending all lydia's money. then in canada there's one day call fei fei's day somemore. the mayor himself said it in his speech during the funeral. coz she donated alot alot of money in canada. during the speech giving in hong kong got one ah pak scolded cheng siew chao oso. ''doesnt yan yi has a father?!'' he's a baldy now. hahaha. its freaking funny when he went up the stage to give speech. he took off his cap and showed his half bald head.

like those ancient chinese movie half bald head.haha

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i got bac my report sheet today. well.. cant complain anything bout it. i'm not born genius like see pui or one guy in my class. as usual i'm not going to show it to my mom and i will sign it myself. if i show it to her she will start nagging again.

jpa rejected my application... T.T... and before this i was hoping i could get the scholarship and get myself out of this hell. i came across some forum and the group of ppl were talking bout stpm students are more likely to develop mental prob than other pre-u students. i cant agree more.. stpm is a nightmare.. i joked with my cousin during the election that mayb we should take part as private candidates and if we succeeded then we will demolish all the schools in ipoh and kl. haha. ok that was stupid. but we just got too carried away when we were talking bout how stress we are because of stpm.

ja ne.. hw calling....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

break the rules!!!

after school like any other tues ciara and i went to tuition. after we reach we try to find parking and the last place was taken by the car just in front of me. argh... its a one way road. no choice i 'gostant' back to lucky hotel then went AGAINST THE TRAFFIC to get back to the tuition centre. but really cant get any parking so i just parked at the lorong there and its yellow line. before this i've got 2 parking tickets. then i got 'chong hong dang' coz rushing to go to school. haha. but didnt get caught. i'm becoming into traffic violator.

today is april fool everyone!!! did any of u fall for other ppl's tricks? haha. what came across ur mind bout my day when i mention april fool? that i was fooled, made a fool of myself or try to fool others but failed miserably coz of my poor acting? hahaha. u got it WRONG.. today was boring. no april fool atmosphere. i didnt trick anyone in school and noone except ciara tricked me with a lame one: 'look there's a lizard on ur leg!!' ok i did fall for that. haha. but never mind. in the end with two other school mates we tricked our tuition teacher after tuition saying ''sir si hang bao sui hao" then he actually believed and went to the toilet to check. hahaha.

kinda miss all of u in mgs. though i was the laughing stock but at least we did have fun.