Wednesday, December 31, 2008

canada here i come!!

haha. i just got here yesterday morning. a very unfortunate thing happened to me when i was coming from new york. -_-" we got picked for spot check. -__-"
do we look like terrorist? -_-" ok mayb we look a bit messy coz our flight is in the morning and we barely opened our eyes. nvm. anyhow we boarded the plane. it took only bout 1 hour + to reach toronto. if by bus it takes 10hours. one thing i notice is that canada do not hav many high buildings like ny which is a good thing and the air is less polluted i guess. other than that its colder here and it snowed again today. snow here can get up to really high. when i walked on the porch of my aunt's house my leg just sank into the snow. then followed my aunt walk around a bit. thats all i did yesterday but today might be going out.

Friday, December 19, 2008

in NY

i'm finally in ny. 22 hours of flight is really tiring. i slept like less than 6 hours. 12 hours from klia to stockholm (sweden) then another 8 hours to ny. the view of ny city on the plane was amazing. it was so beautiful with all the lights down there. i was so careless than i didnt bring my camera along so i didnt capture that view. once reached all i could see were white ppl. mayb a few blacks. it was night time and it was cold. the first night was ok i guess. i was so tired. i couldnt adjust my body to the time here and i woke up in the middle of the night to eat. -_-"

day 1
i couldnt sleep well the night b4. today i accompany my cousin to look for information on uni and colleges in ny. we travelled totally on foot!!! i have to bare the cold and walked miles from here to there to everywhere. as usual my fingers and hands were almost frozen... i miss the sun and heat in malaysia.... and while i'm in malaysia i was always complaining bout the heat. the day here ends at 6 smtg. its like 7p.m in malaysia by 6 and the sky is all dark. after 6 we just stayed at home and played my cousin bro's ps. then we went bac to my other aunt house to sleep.

another bad night sleep. like the previous night my stomach woke me up. i really dunno y we ate more than usual in malaysia but we feel hungry easily and my the shit was more. -_-" i think if i continue eating like tat by the time i come bac m'sia i will become fatter. the portion of food here is freaking large. one meal i think i could eat for 2 meals.
2nd day the cold is too much. my legs were shaking all the time and i felt like hibernating. it snowed. it was beatiful it was like seeing cottons falling from sky then it melt once reached ground. though i couldnt see snow covering the road but cars were all covered with snow.
my cousin and i were so excited and we were like two 'san ba po' getting all excited over snow. hahaha. the local ppl would think we r crazy. then i think it was bout 8 smtg my cousin bro walked us bac to our house. it was so damn cold that i wore double gloves and every second i just hope i could reach home faster that i dun even look at anything just following my cousins bluntly.

we went to manhattan by subway. the station is underground. just like in lrt ppl in there mind their own business and u can hardly see any smiling face. either they were sleeping or just sit and dream. it took 45 mins from my place to manhattan. manhattan is more like a city than my place there were many high buildings. we went in some uni admission office and the ppl there were so racist and so not friendly. they look at ppl based on their skin colour and poor us looking like a typical chinese they hav the perception that we came from MAINLAND CHINA!! WTH??!!
themoment they heard my cousin is a citizen all the sudden change -_-" another day of searching for colleges and uni done.

( oh ya i forgot to mention the water here i dunno whether its polluted or they put too much chlorin or smtg its white in colour and i will be bathing and washing with it for 3 months)

day 4
first thing we did today was i went to some office thinking of applying for a social security number. dont ask me wat issit i hav no idea my aunt just ask me to apply. there i was at the counter asking and that guy there was so impolite -____________-""" i just asked less than 3 ques and he was doing all he could to dismiss me. its like WTF?!!!! arent they suppose to serve us politely?? he dont feel like answering my ques and he asked his colleage to serve me using mandarin thinking i DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!! felt like showing him the international sign. i should have reply to him i dont fucking understand mandarin.
in fact he's a chinese american not even pure american.
we finally recognised some roads and we took train to manhattan again to settle some of my cousin's uni stuff. after that we walked around manhattan. finally we met someone nice in ny. this student advisor was a nice guy he helped as much as he could and do whatever he can to answer our ques. i think he;s a honorable man too. he took law and he say his passion was to serve ppl and he would like to help students as much as he could. what a nice guy and he was quite nice looking for a black. haha. after settling everything we went to bryant park there was a skating rink there. mayb one day i will go. we took train bac on our own and didnt get lost. wow.