Monday, March 31, 2008

today is just another boring day of my life... i continued my chem experiment today and ciara and i found that out product from the exp. was incredibly little compare to others. its only 0.01 g can u believe it???!!! its in powder form and a gust of wind could have blown it all away. but thanks to some nice poi lam guys they gave us some of theirs to make our product more presentable coz we have to clip it together with our report.

on friday night after my drama duty as a PROGRAMME BOOK SELLER its bout 9 smtg to 10 like that. i was driving out of a junction on my way back. this is the how it was.

then the car from the left didnt on signal so i thought he was going straight. if he is going straight then after he passed i could have made it to the opposite lane. but instead he stop and wanted to turn right. so he blocked me and i was almost hit by the car coming from the right. maybe god thinks that i'm too good to die so soon so i'm here today to tell you my story. haha. but **** that car la. he want to kill me. he should have on his signal. if that car from the left was fast enough i might be in hospital with tubes everywhere in my body.