Sunday, May 25, 2008

yesterday was a tiring day but quite fun. went out from 1 to 9 smtg. the whole time we were in jj. celebrated midya's belated birthday at big apple doughnuts. the doughnuts there are just so nice and seeing them make its even nicer. then took pics at capcom to remember midya;s birthday. haaha. night wanna go out yam cha with ah san nadia yen ling and ciara but then smtg came up so plan canceled. i'm so tired my shoulder is aching. need to apply ' salonpas' i dunno wats that called. those ah po put it on their bac and ah pak put on the side of their forehead those kinda thing. haha. when i reached home only i remember i forgot to buy my mom's panties she asked. there goes the naggingsss.......... again.. #$@#%#@$@#$... nvm....

ok its like nagged but one of ur parents is not enough.. my dad have to nag along. the last person i wanna hear from... i scratched my car yesterday in jj and its quite serious.. sigh... its like everything just doesnt seems right. everything i do.. naggings from parents r common but dunno y naggings for me nowadays is so unbearable and totally mental torture..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ntg much to blog and very much dead myself these days..

there are just things that bother me very much and i feel like it has been haunting me for so so long that i even forgot when it started. nvm i dont even wanna remember. right now i will just let life goes as it will and let god to decide what he will offer me. i'm too tired to even stand up and fight for my rights.
ppl leave for various purpose and reasons but if one day i'm leaving i would leave hoping to make a new life out of myself leaving all the past behind me. All the bitter all the sour. It may turn out worst than now i think the risk is worth taking.. life is all bout ~...taking chances...~ at least at the end of the day i could close my eyes and tell myself i tried.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

yesterday after tuition rushed bac to get the cake i ordered for mother's day and my mama's birthday. my mom said she will be home late so my bro and i decided not to go out eat. she didnt know we are celebrating yesterday. so my bro and i cooked for dinner. got fried sotong, fish, and mee. just simple dishes la. haha. i wasnt a good cooker so my bro did almost everything. but i got help out. the sotong actually we had no idea how to cook it so we just fried it. haha. it turn out not bad but the 'appearance' errrr i dun wanna show la. haha. it looked like we had some kinda war in the kitchen after cooking. i didnt know frying things could be such a mess... after the dinner everyone was so full so the cake was reserved for today's dinner. haha. oh. i forgot to mention my bro bought her 'golden eggs' my mom saying of ferrero rocher.

my bro and i were seeing old pics of my mom the other day. she really aged alot now.. sigh.. i'm not good in words but i know that everything she did for me i could never repay her enough in this life..

'I love u "mi"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

berponteng school again today. went for half day of school. it was during recess that we went out of school. amy was so panic.. haha. once almost everyone went out for recess amy and ciara each ran to one side to check the area if its clear and no teacher is anywhere nearby. its like some kinda of dunno CS mission. hhaha. ''Area Clear" go go go.. we were thinking of not bringing our bags coz its would be obvious if we go out with bags. then i suggested that we throw our bags out of our class 1st then when we get down only take bac the bags. haha. did we? hahaha. no la.. they say then it would be more obvious that we ponteng wat if there's ppl down there and saw some flying bags from our class. nvm then they were thinking thinking thinking... we have bout 5 minutes before recess over and teacher might come in... when they were still thinking i just grab my bag and quickly walked out... hahaha. we were walking to the car park then got ppl call our names.. amy was so panic she ran like an arrow.. hahahaha. the scene was like 4 soh po runnning 'gui gui she she' like that...

after mcd i went bac to school for badminton.. there;s no meeting actually but few of my classmates rent one court. so i just played along.. i kena 'bo bang' few times edi... they were very geng in smashing. one time was smashed by my partner himself... i was in front then he smashed. it was accident la. haha. it was really fun.. and i think my shoe is no good... my toe got blister after playing...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

just finished my muet speaking today. according to our muet teacher we r lucky coz this examiner is a nice chinese man and he is not stingy with his marks. i dk if its true. but one of my member saw our marks and its in range band4. its just rough marks. so still not sure what i get. thank god its finally over and for the rest of the year we dont have to attend muet lessons. hahaha.

i trying to get ppl sign up for streamyx so that i can earn money... there doesnt seems to have any suitable parttime job for now so this is the best i could get la..

there is this case which is the worst crime ever. a man imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and repeatedly raped her. then she gave birth to 7 children.. what kind of inhuman 'thing' could do such horrible deed to his own daughter. the mother had no idea that her daughter was keep captive beneath her own house for 24 freaking years.. -_-" stupid mother.. i was so angry when i was reading the news.. and it made me more fumed when my cousin say the father shouldnt be fully blamed coz she say the mother should also be put to wrong coz she should have notice this. but then none of this could have happen if the father wasnt such a beast.. -_-"

ntg much for today..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

its emo season these days... everyone is so emo. i'm not excluded.. this coming exam is driving me crazy... muet also.. some ppl may find it easier to talk but i would rather write two essays than speaks... obviously i'm not a person who likes to tell grandma stories. ARGHHH!!!!!! where is my 'anti depressant' when i need them.... ran out of stock... i seriously need to find smtg else to replace it coz i got the feeling my supply wont be here for some time. or mayb i should just go get them myself.. wat am i saying... nvm.. forget it...

going out for dinner.... no appetite... mayb should get some appeton weight gain oso...

Friday, May 2, 2008

comp breakdown so sorry fornow updating so many days. just reformat yesterday. the other sat acs girls prefect went for bola jaring competition in anderson. 1st we were against sri putra and we lost by one mark. 4:3 then the next round was with some school call megat smtg. they r all school players. so i guess u could think of the results already. we lost so 'ugly' 20:1 guess who scored that 1 point? hahahahahahaha. dengan bangganya mempersembahkan ME! hahahaha. ok la. that one mark come with a price i got hit on the nose when i was trying to get the ball. luckily didnt disfigure my nose.... but at least acs didnt go back with telur so its worth.. those megat ppl say wat pecah telur wor... -_-" thats still not the worst part that we got 1 mark only. one of their player taught our goal keeper how to defend our goal... -_-" what a scene. then we kena so many times wisel for breaking rules. obviously we dunno the rules. haha

my speaking test is on coming tues... and my mid year is on 13t
h.... god save me..

miley cyrus topless pic. for those interested.
so call topless. i dun see anything wrong other than kinda artistic.
but the issue seems serious. that pic was taken for some vanity fair or smtg.