Friday, January 29, 2010

insensitivity.. ignorance..absolute ntg to offer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'tong sui'

walking bac after a tiring day of classes and work and you know that someone has cooked smtg for you and waiting for you to come bac to eat is such a bliss. it does not have to be shark fin or abalone even tong sui is good enough. even when you are working you will feel so motivated coz there smtg that you are looking forward to.

slowly im begining to like hall 7 .... because of the ppl that live in it.

running low on adrenaline now.. good night..

Monday, January 18, 2010


arranging time schedule is such a trouble. u change here and there and in the end u dun even know when is ur class. 3 lost cows-2 went for tutorial when there;s none-1 went for lec that's not even her subj.
guess will have to stick with german...

very hungry now..

sometimes when you think you are having a bad time actually somewhere someone isnt having any better time than you as well..

Monday, January 11, 2010

waking up in ntu

took a plane bac on sat and wat do i know my payment was not received coz my card was rejected and tiger airways didnt send me any notification. went to the counter couldnt find my name in the list. I got to buy the ticket on the spot which the price rose up to rm150. ok fine... i waited so long for them to check my name by the time i bought my ticket i got to the gate just in time. i got a final call on the loud speaker and slower by a little i would hav missed my flight. i boarded the plane met a very nice man and he helped me to put up my luggages. he is an amazing man not just that he is a executive director but he could fall asleep in split seconds. one second he was talking to me before the plane took off and the next he was snoring. then he would wake up all of a sudden shake his leg a bit and he fell bac to sleep. after that he woke up again talked to me for a while again he fell bac to sleep. amazing right??.. haha.
just when i thought the day would be better everything went shitty at the end of the day because of one mistake. my phone was out of battery but i know this is not an excuse.... i guess its just my character... i promise i will try to change.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

resolution resolution!!!!

cant believe 2009 has already ended and im turning 20.. getting old.. i would say i enjoyed very much for my short one month break. goin everywhere is so fun. come bac one day then go another place the next day. this is life man.. its like there;s no full stop and ur brain and body never stop and u look forward to everyday. came bac on 14th dec in kl shop shop then bac to ipoh find frens yum cha abit here and there. 24th went kl Corus to celebrate christmas and dnmcb i sprained my ankle. 26th came bac ipoh. 27th went langkawi. langkawi trip was a blast!!! lets plan another trip again. bac to ipoh on 30th, went kl then genting on 31st. bac in ipoh after that. anyway fun is over and i hav to go bac to is already 5th.. then tomorrow is 6th then 7th... i dun wanna go bac...
okay... resolution.. save enough money to go aust!!! lolzz. i think its better that i dun set any resolution and better just run with the flow.

this year might be a bad year for me. seems like lots of bad stuff happened. sprained my ankle, bang my mom;s car, lost money, get really bad results.