Wednesday, June 24, 2009

here goes... another boring day passed. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow;s outing or smtg that can make my day less dead. docs, procedures are the last thing on my mind now just dont feel like thinking bout them for the time being. 3 other ppl bailing for spore which made my doubt stronger.... bought a wireless mouse today for rm18. someone told me i got a good deal. the only reason i bought it is bcoz i wanna play 'soldier front' on my laptop.. i'm a really bad sniper. even my bro who played for the 1st time got more kill than me. ok mayb all his cs training is the reason. i'm better with spraying. haha. someone show me some tricks .. but i shall figure it out how it was done and a new word for the day, 'danke' means thank u. i feel like buying an external hard disk, a new phone with gps so that i wont get lost, mayb 1 or 2 more formal shirt, feel like cutting my hair (have been saying for dunno how long but u still see the same me after years), need to buy more contacts from yik foong and the list of things i need to do and feel like doing goes on but i'm just too lazy...
i miss ny from time to time so i shall post some expired pics of mine and tell some old story.
3 drunken ppl and one of them is underage. that night was quite a night. came bac from dinner and we found out the door couldnt be opened and its was locked from inside and we thought there were some robbers hiding inside. we dare not stand infront of the door coz we were afraid they might hav guns and shot us right through the door. we waited for bout half an hour or more then we decided to quietly try to break the lock with a bend key chain ring. it was as if we were in those action movies. finally i openned the door with a twist using my magic hand. haha. and we realise the lock was faulty and noone was inside. how sillly that we panicked for nothing.

this is rockefeller and that indian lady is spoiling my pic with her sad face.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


just came back from cameron highland. its exactly what i need a relaxing vacation. i went for strawberries picking for the 1st time. i dunno why it seems that most of the strawberries that i plucked the whole thing came off together with the roots. hope they will have enough strawberries growing for the next time coz i think i killed many of those plants. haha. mayb its the way i pluck. the next day we went to 'teh boh' tea plantation. they renovated the place so it was quite nice. enjoyed my tea and the view. i can just sit there for hours if we need not rush back to ipoh.