Sunday, October 25, 2009

seems a bit late to blog bout my bday but nvm.. haha. im really grateful that i had a splendid bday and totally opposite of what i expected to be. all of u made my day and pulled me out of the emo me.. anyway enough slacking and bac to reality. i must mug mug mug and mug so that i will not fail my maths and computing also so that i dun hav to retake the modules next sem. i need a miracle to happen.

T out~ Nescafe is ur best friend during exam.. U can count on it!!


warning: might have side effects like constipation, high high abit, and snoring during the night.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

met up with nini today..i got a shock when i heard she spent bout 1500sgd for the past one week.. siao.. that can last me for few months.
we were talking bout next year nadia chingmun will be graduating then soon ciara and eu.. then everyone. i wanna graduate now... i completed my FYP so supposingly i can graduate...

stupid laptop adaptor..... life is hard without laptop!! feel like cavewoman here.. pay cheque pls come faster.. one week break never seems to be enough. tomorrow is school again and tues is CA. I can dig a hole bury myself and rot in hell edi...
i must go out less, spend less, study fcuking hard!! sigh.. im losing the will to study, the spirit to excell. feel like coming out to work already.. but i doubt i can survive out there..