Friday, April 30, 2010

finally i decided to clean my room but i just manage to clear some of my things. this is how it looked like in the process. i think its messier than b4. haha.
i also realized smtg. i can open drug store with all the medicine i have.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my current room condition. books notes and food everywhere on my table.
taking a break from study, i look at my room and the stuff that i have. i m gonna have a hard time packing when i move out of hall after exam... i;ve got a wardrobe of clothes, everything on the table, above the table inside the drawers, many shoes, text books, 2 sleeping bags, roller shoes, wave board and some other stuff that i need to clear when i move out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

yesterday we had a small hall gathering for dinner of KFC. it cost around 7 dollar per person and i had 2 pieces of chicken. so one piece cost like rm 7 plus. then i thought of nadia. haha. mayb i could have get it for free from her. eat KFC and you will think of nadia. while we eat we cracked this joke about EEE students and the cats in our hall. it started when my fren mentioned she has a fren in EEE and sometimes he would scream out of stress and some other EEE ppl who are just weird and antisocial so they came out with the conclusion tat all EEE students are weird and they scream in the middle of the night. then while we are eating we heard some cat hissed, purred or i dunno what to call but just 'meow' in those high pitch sound. so one of my hall mate made a comment and he said that cat is from EEE.
this morning i woke up at 7 smtg. i purposely didnt shower or clean myself so tat it will work better for my play later. then after the play i think it was not really necessary because i think my audience already know the message that i was trying to convey and he kinda just fast forwarded to the ending. well... its a short and effective play and it cost me another bomb.

Friday, April 23, 2010

what is going on?... i cant make anything right.. im doing really bad in exams, the only thing that i look forward suddenly vanished, evaporated into the air and im going to disappoint my frens. i studied really hard for maths and i did all the past years i have for twice just to catch the pattern and the lecturer changed his style this time making the ques harder than it already is. after reading physic's past year's it felt like vigorously rubbing salt on wound... i dunno how am i going to survive for physics. i cant even do a single ques without referring to the answer. this sem break i really need to reconsider my choice of taking engineering. i know ive been saying this many many time but seriously maybe subj from school of humanities and social science could be better choice at least i dun need the correct wiring in my brain nerves to answer the ques. socialogy seems like not a bad idea.

the lights in my life is like the ratio of twinkling stars to the vast dark sky in the night..
~what is life when you are not living it~
succumb in emonitinessss

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

suddenly felt like my presence is so insignificant compare to most of the ppl here. i see amazing ppl once in a while and it makes me feel so small. it not a bad thing at least it gives me some drive to be better. cant imagine how my holiday would be. I just got another job. so for the time being i have two confirmed job in my hand for weekdays. what i need to do now is fill up my weekends and i can fly to aust in dec!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh.. but then also means that i dont have much time for other ppl. lo siento.
another thing is im so dead this sem and i got a feeling it will be worst next sem.. im gonna take mc for one subj this sem and ill have to overload next sem.. hopefully i wont drop to 3rd class or da bao.. sometimes when you tell ppl that im gonna da bao and they say ya........ me toooooo. then as the conversation goes on she tells you she got 2nd upper. -_-''' from now onwards im just not gonna mention and if they ask i will just say great. just to keep them guessing and maybe to scare them abit. haha.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh my fuck!!! this is the most embarrassing moment ever. i need to dig a hole to bury my face or wear a mask 24/7!! especially in my room....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes is just so depressing when u are struggling to do a maths ques and after 1 hours plus and u still cant get the ans while there;s this guy next to you who has been watching videos bout warcraft dota,starcraft (ppl still play?), red alert.. basically all kinda war games on youtube since 3hours ago. he must be born genius or he has exam on war strategy to spend so freaking much time on all those videos. another thing is he seriously need some workout. i dun mean to be bad and its not like he did anything to me but i think im just very irritable this period. there he goes again.. -_-'' searching for another war game videos.

ps:perhaps species with name homo sapien should stay away from me for this period of time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i have this song stuck in my head. i just cant get it of. its like im reading ''.. tensile strength = ~im only gonna break break your heart~.... " and i can just write this out in my exam paper.
mother.. i got con for going to some useless talk wasting 1 hour of my life and also
got shocked to see someone after quite some time to turn out of shape. perhaps it just ntu life style. dont be surprise to see me turn into either a needle or this

i really wanna watch a movie right now.. by the time i finish exam all the good movies will be gone. i was suppose to watch how to train your dragon 3d with a fren today. but now im here in library feeling like a drug addict. mayb its the coffee getting into me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

physics-acceptable and reasonable for my course
semiconductor-totally related to electrical and electronics engine
maths-needed in all engineering
life science-to be doc?
material science-ok wouldnt say very related to my field

all these will kill me soon...
none of these subj i have confidence in.
17 days more to finals.
need to read from start for every course
getting broke coz working less