Monday, July 26, 2010

would you shave your head for charity?

there was a mass shaving session in vivo yday. it was a campaign for cancer survivors.
i had a sudden urge to go on stage to cut botak yday but then i was walking with nini and pooipooi so i thought forget it and mayb i will regret later on. haha. i can picture myself botak and if i just draw an arrow on my forehead i will be the next avatar.

bald shall be the new style. u can even save on shampoo.

im getting really lazy these days and also adopting a healthy life style in the progress. sleeping at 11 and waking up at 8 almost everyday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real live drama is always a good way to start the morning especially you are half awake riding on the mrt. So this morning i started leaving my room at about 7 and most of the time I wasnt aware of my surrounding basically im like sleep walking. Even after i entered the train i was fishing. Then I witnessed the most awaking drama. There was this lady in wheelchair wanted to board the train and she asked if the lady inside could give way coz she was blocking the way. So this chibai lady moved unwillingly and stared at the poor lady in wheelchair after she entered. Then things got so heated up that all the diu nia sing and diu nia ma came out. the chibai lady started with the diu ing first and the funny things was she denied and keep on saying the lady in wheelchair started using all the vulgar words first. so for few rounds it went like this.

Chibai Lady No.1: diu nia sing!!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: diu nia ma!!!!
Chibai Lady No.1: diu mat ye. ni yao lan meh? ni lan hou lan dai ah?!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ngo mou lan ni yao lan. !!
Chibai Lady No.1: chan fai dai sai ah?!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ni lei si ha chor ah!!
Chibai Lady No.1: diu nia ma!!!
Pitiful Lady in wheelchair: ni mou lan diu mat?!!

with very limited vocab they diu each other providing free porno for ppl in the train.
all i can hear were diu and lan. they should probably attend account class taught by ah jie so that they can improve their vocab at least the diu ing will be more versatile and we who are watching are more entertained.

ok i shouldnt be so bad.. but i really pity the lady in wheelchair coz in the end when i left she was crying and she mentioned she was in wheelchair for 11 years.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gonna be so busy from now on.

its weird how sometimes we do things. this person from rws called me and asked if i can work and i told him i can work on this fri. he called me last week but only today that he asked for my particulars whether am i pr or singaporean then he told me he got to confirm with hr if they can hire me. -_-'''

though this job is not what i intended as i actually wanted to try out being a mascot in universal studio but who cares as long as i get free entry there. haha. if lucky maybe i can get some lubang then try to be a mascot for a day. i still haven give up on the madagascar penguin yet.

working on a job too long makes u lose ur passion and naturally affects ur performance. you are so used to the system that unconsciously you will grab any slacking chances you get. thats what im going through now. sigh... feeling guilty.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


i just saw something that reminds me of one incident in Lim Kok Wing during secondary school.
hahaha. i think some ppl can already guess what's the incident. yes.. its 'fat choy' black seaweed...
and its manufactured in china. manufacturing date probably is the day she was born and i think someone need to tell her the expiry date. product description: curly disorganised black lumpy. (thats the best i could describe) ok enough the more i try to describe the more im losing my apetite.. i didnt manage to grab any food this morning because i was late. usually i would grab a biscuit or fruits from canteen.

bad news for eunice. i;ve checked the weather forecast and its rainy with thunder somemore for the next few days. so be prepared for thunder storm.