Wednesday, December 31, 2008

canada here i come!!

haha. i just got here yesterday morning. a very unfortunate thing happened to me when i was coming from new york. -_-" we got picked for spot check. -__-"
do we look like terrorist? -_-" ok mayb we look a bit messy coz our flight is in the morning and we barely opened our eyes. nvm. anyhow we boarded the plane. it took only bout 1 hour + to reach toronto. if by bus it takes 10hours. one thing i notice is that canada do not hav many high buildings like ny which is a good thing and the air is less polluted i guess. other than that its colder here and it snowed again today. snow here can get up to really high. when i walked on the porch of my aunt's house my leg just sank into the snow. then followed my aunt walk around a bit. thats all i did yesterday but today might be going out.

Friday, December 19, 2008

in NY

i'm finally in ny. 22 hours of flight is really tiring. i slept like less than 6 hours. 12 hours from klia to stockholm (sweden) then another 8 hours to ny. the view of ny city on the plane was amazing. it was so beautiful with all the lights down there. i was so careless than i didnt bring my camera along so i didnt capture that view. once reached all i could see were white ppl. mayb a few blacks. it was night time and it was cold. the first night was ok i guess. i was so tired. i couldnt adjust my body to the time here and i woke up in the middle of the night to eat. -_-"

day 1
i couldnt sleep well the night b4. today i accompany my cousin to look for information on uni and colleges in ny. we travelled totally on foot!!! i have to bare the cold and walked miles from here to there to everywhere. as usual my fingers and hands were almost frozen... i miss the sun and heat in malaysia.... and while i'm in malaysia i was always complaining bout the heat. the day here ends at 6 smtg. its like 7p.m in malaysia by 6 and the sky is all dark. after 6 we just stayed at home and played my cousin bro's ps. then we went bac to my other aunt house to sleep.

another bad night sleep. like the previous night my stomach woke me up. i really dunno y we ate more than usual in malaysia but we feel hungry easily and my the shit was more. -_-" i think if i continue eating like tat by the time i come bac m'sia i will become fatter. the portion of food here is freaking large. one meal i think i could eat for 2 meals.
2nd day the cold is too much. my legs were shaking all the time and i felt like hibernating. it snowed. it was beatiful it was like seeing cottons falling from sky then it melt once reached ground. though i couldnt see snow covering the road but cars were all covered with snow.
my cousin and i were so excited and we were like two 'san ba po' getting all excited over snow. hahaha. the local ppl would think we r crazy. then i think it was bout 8 smtg my cousin bro walked us bac to our house. it was so damn cold that i wore double gloves and every second i just hope i could reach home faster that i dun even look at anything just following my cousins bluntly.

we went to manhattan by subway. the station is underground. just like in lrt ppl in there mind their own business and u can hardly see any smiling face. either they were sleeping or just sit and dream. it took 45 mins from my place to manhattan. manhattan is more like a city than my place there were many high buildings. we went in some uni admission office and the ppl there were so racist and so not friendly. they look at ppl based on their skin colour and poor us looking like a typical chinese they hav the perception that we came from MAINLAND CHINA!! WTH??!!
themoment they heard my cousin is a citizen all the sudden change -_-" another day of searching for colleges and uni done.

( oh ya i forgot to mention the water here i dunno whether its polluted or they put too much chlorin or smtg its white in colour and i will be bathing and washing with it for 3 months)

day 4
first thing we did today was i went to some office thinking of applying for a social security number. dont ask me wat issit i hav no idea my aunt just ask me to apply. there i was at the counter asking and that guy there was so impolite -____________-""" i just asked less than 3 ques and he was doing all he could to dismiss me. its like WTF?!!!! arent they suppose to serve us politely?? he dont feel like answering my ques and he asked his colleage to serve me using mandarin thinking i DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!! felt like showing him the international sign. i should have reply to him i dont fucking understand mandarin.
in fact he's a chinese american not even pure american.
we finally recognised some roads and we took train to manhattan again to settle some of my cousin's uni stuff. after that we walked around manhattan. finally we met someone nice in ny. this student advisor was a nice guy he helped as much as he could and do whatever he can to answer our ques. i think he;s a honorable man too. he took law and he say his passion was to serve ppl and he would like to help students as much as he could. what a nice guy and he was quite nice looking for a black. haha. after settling everything we went to bryant park there was a skating rink there. mayb one day i will go. we took train bac on our own and didnt get lost. wow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My birthday

happy birthday to me.... haha. ok now only i'm posting bout my birthday and this is the very 1st time i post again after so long. haha.

on the night b4 my birthday i was reading in my room. i was really concentrating and doing a really brain cracking ques. then suddenly lights off. i bet the 1st reaction everyone would have is like WTH @#$%^*(& same for me. i was shouting WOI! Y OFF THE LIGHT!!! then my mom and bro coming into the room with the cake. i was surprised and embarrassed at the same time. haha.

one candle i turned 1 year old that night. haha.

this is from su yin and yinyee. its the cat not the dog.

this is from ciara. it has my name carved on it. sorry to disappoint chingmun the name is joanne not siksik.. and i'm going to use this pen to sign contracts worth billions in future. hahaha.

this one is from amy midya and meiwenn. i got tricked twice until i got my real present. -_-""

overall i had a great birthday and i was very happy.


Monday, June 30, 2008

sat was nadia's last dinner in malaysia. on the same day i had my chess competition in the morning. it was quite fun at 1st and i won the 1st round, 2nd round draw then 3rd round won. at 12 i had my break and i rushed to tuition. i was late one hour and more for tuition -_-" but i still went. after tuition i went bac to school for the competition again. by that time i was so tired and bored with game already. the last few rounds i've no mood to play and my opponents were real good. so in the end i lost.

i went back straight home after that. it was already 3 smtg and at 6 i went to ciara;s house. we made muffins for nadia.
it was a success and it turned out better than the last batch. hahaha.


reminder: exam on 14th july.. T.T

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WIMAX!! i cant wait till it is launch in ipoh. my line is damn slow and always dc. it really pissed me off. so i set a record of not touching my comp for almost 2 weeks i think. haha. i couldnt remember exactly how long but i feel its very long. when wimax is launch i'm going to cancel this cacat streamyx.

ok... last sunday was ipoh starwalk. i walked with ciara and nadia. it was 10km i think. we slipped in to the very front of the starting line. for past few years of starwalk this is the 1st time i started in front line. after walking for some time from 1st we became like mayb 1000+th i dunno but there;s many ppl in front of us. then half way we stop at ching mun's house and we rest at the guard post there. we were drinking 100plus and some ppl came to buy drinks. hahaha. they thought the guard post there were selling drinks. then end of the walk we went jj and it was tiring. i felt like my whole body aching. the previous day i made my mom angry and i bought bug apple dougnuts to tum her. haha. and it actually did the trick she wasnt angry anymore. on the same day i totally forgot it was father;s day and that doughnuts save my day again. my dad was talking in some kinda way and indirectly he's asking where is his father;s day gift. i was holding the doughnuts and i say here i bought this specially for u. hahaha. at least i have something to give though my bro took a bite on every doughnut inside the box.

going to fetch my bro again.. i'm like the driver in the house-_-"after i got my license.. oh ya. those who are driving go for shell instead of caltex. its onli 2.62 per litre compare to caltex its 2.70. the rest i dunno.

Monday, June 2, 2008

tips for insomniac

some unusual tips for insomniac

toe wiggling
Lie on your back (where you should be in the first place) and wiggle your toes up and down 12 times, wiggling the toes of both feet at the same time. This will relax your entire body, inside and out.

eat snaks
A small, low protein, high carbohydrate bedtime snack, such as juice and cookies, eaten about an hour before bedtime, can help you fall asleep sooner.

massage tummy
Simply lie on your back and place your hand on your navel. Begin to make small circles in a clockwise direction as you gently glide your hand over your stomach. Let your circles gradually become bigger and bigger. When your circles reach the outside of your stomach, gradually reduce their size until you are back at your navel again. Then reverse the direction (to counter-clockwise) and do the same thing again. Repeat this whole series with your other hand. Do this several times

sex alone or with others
sex or masturbation. That usually helps you fall asleep -
hahaha. i thought sex will make ppl feel more energetic pula..

mayb i should try toe wiggling..haha.

this is hilarious.. haha i could stop laughing. this morning my dad cooked for me and my bro. thats like so rare i think the sun will rise from the west tomorrow. ok thats not the funny part. he cooked half boiled eggs for us with breads sausages milk. each of us got two eggs. i took one and i could eat the other one anymore. my bro took it and guess what he saw when he cracked that egg.. haha. STINKY LIQUID!!!! OMG!! TELUR BUSUK!!! HAHAHAHHA i was eating my bread and i ran into my room. EWW... i wanna vomit..totally spoiled my appetite. -_-" i think he needs to clean his hands with the whole bottle of detol... haha. luckily i was so full that i couldnt take that egg or that telur busuk would be mine. -_-"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i just couldnt sleep and i was tidying my room and i found my old pics in the cupboard. looking at those pics make me feel like wanting to be a child again. i wonder what was in my mind when i was a kid. what do i thought of all the time.... i bet it must be all the mischievous stuffs. haha. i remember once me and my bro we poured the whole bottle of baby powder on the floor and we slide on it. we threw powder everywhere as if its snowing then we used to hide all the canes and my mom has to buy a new one every time. every year we would spent our holiday in kl with my uncle and i once we cousins opened my uncle's room door and he suddenly sped from his bed to close the door coz i think he was sleeping naked inside. we heard him fell on the ground. hahaha.

"E.T phoned home"

miss mat kool is here

woah.. i remember this one. it took whole day for my mom to 'tum' me wear that ugly dress. its not even a dress. it just some cloths to cover my chest. -__-" and the girl beside me is singing so happily with her mouth wide opened. haha.

i could see in many of my pics that my mom just loves to tie coconut tree on my head.

.... so nostalgic...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

yesterday was a tiring day but quite fun. went out from 1 to 9 smtg. the whole time we were in jj. celebrated midya's belated birthday at big apple doughnuts. the doughnuts there are just so nice and seeing them make its even nicer. then took pics at capcom to remember midya;s birthday. haaha. night wanna go out yam cha with ah san nadia yen ling and ciara but then smtg came up so plan canceled. i'm so tired my shoulder is aching. need to apply ' salonpas' i dunno wats that called. those ah po put it on their bac and ah pak put on the side of their forehead those kinda thing. haha. when i reached home only i remember i forgot to buy my mom's panties she asked. there goes the naggingsss.......... again.. #$@#%#@$@#$... nvm....

ok its like nagged but one of ur parents is not enough.. my dad have to nag along. the last person i wanna hear from... i scratched my car yesterday in jj and its quite serious.. sigh... its like everything just doesnt seems right. everything i do.. naggings from parents r common but dunno y naggings for me nowadays is so unbearable and totally mental torture..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ntg much to blog and very much dead myself these days..

there are just things that bother me very much and i feel like it has been haunting me for so so long that i even forgot when it started. nvm i dont even wanna remember. right now i will just let life goes as it will and let god to decide what he will offer me. i'm too tired to even stand up and fight for my rights.
ppl leave for various purpose and reasons but if one day i'm leaving i would leave hoping to make a new life out of myself leaving all the past behind me. All the bitter all the sour. It may turn out worst than now i think the risk is worth taking.. life is all bout ~...taking chances...~ at least at the end of the day i could close my eyes and tell myself i tried.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

yesterday after tuition rushed bac to get the cake i ordered for mother's day and my mama's birthday. my mom said she will be home late so my bro and i decided not to go out eat. she didnt know we are celebrating yesterday. so my bro and i cooked for dinner. got fried sotong, fish, and mee. just simple dishes la. haha. i wasnt a good cooker so my bro did almost everything. but i got help out. the sotong actually we had no idea how to cook it so we just fried it. haha. it turn out not bad but the 'appearance' errrr i dun wanna show la. haha. it looked like we had some kinda war in the kitchen after cooking. i didnt know frying things could be such a mess... after the dinner everyone was so full so the cake was reserved for today's dinner. haha. oh. i forgot to mention my bro bought her 'golden eggs' my mom saying of ferrero rocher.

my bro and i were seeing old pics of my mom the other day. she really aged alot now.. sigh.. i'm not good in words but i know that everything she did for me i could never repay her enough in this life..

'I love u "mi"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

berponteng school again today. went for half day of school. it was during recess that we went out of school. amy was so panic.. haha. once almost everyone went out for recess amy and ciara each ran to one side to check the area if its clear and no teacher is anywhere nearby. its like some kinda of dunno CS mission. hhaha. ''Area Clear" go go go.. we were thinking of not bringing our bags coz its would be obvious if we go out with bags. then i suggested that we throw our bags out of our class 1st then when we get down only take bac the bags. haha. did we? hahaha. no la.. they say then it would be more obvious that we ponteng wat if there's ppl down there and saw some flying bags from our class. nvm then they were thinking thinking thinking... we have bout 5 minutes before recess over and teacher might come in... when they were still thinking i just grab my bag and quickly walked out... hahaha. we were walking to the car park then got ppl call our names.. amy was so panic she ran like an arrow.. hahahaha. the scene was like 4 soh po runnning 'gui gui she she' like that...

after mcd i went bac to school for badminton.. there;s no meeting actually but few of my classmates rent one court. so i just played along.. i kena 'bo bang' few times edi... they were very geng in smashing. one time was smashed by my partner himself... i was in front then he smashed. it was accident la. haha. it was really fun.. and i think my shoe is no good... my toe got blister after playing...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

just finished my muet speaking today. according to our muet teacher we r lucky coz this examiner is a nice chinese man and he is not stingy with his marks. i dk if its true. but one of my member saw our marks and its in range band4. its just rough marks. so still not sure what i get. thank god its finally over and for the rest of the year we dont have to attend muet lessons. hahaha.

i trying to get ppl sign up for streamyx so that i can earn money... there doesnt seems to have any suitable parttime job for now so this is the best i could get la..

there is this case which is the worst crime ever. a man imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and repeatedly raped her. then she gave birth to 7 children.. what kind of inhuman 'thing' could do such horrible deed to his own daughter. the mother had no idea that her daughter was keep captive beneath her own house for 24 freaking years.. -_-" stupid mother.. i was so angry when i was reading the news.. and it made me more fumed when my cousin say the father shouldnt be fully blamed coz she say the mother should also be put to wrong coz she should have notice this. but then none of this could have happen if the father wasnt such a beast.. -_-"

ntg much for today..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

its emo season these days... everyone is so emo. i'm not excluded.. this coming exam is driving me crazy... muet also.. some ppl may find it easier to talk but i would rather write two essays than speaks... obviously i'm not a person who likes to tell grandma stories. ARGHHH!!!!!! where is my 'anti depressant' when i need them.... ran out of stock... i seriously need to find smtg else to replace it coz i got the feeling my supply wont be here for some time. or mayb i should just go get them myself.. wat am i saying... nvm.. forget it...

going out for dinner.... no appetite... mayb should get some appeton weight gain oso...

Friday, May 2, 2008

comp breakdown so sorry fornow updating so many days. just reformat yesterday. the other sat acs girls prefect went for bola jaring competition in anderson. 1st we were against sri putra and we lost by one mark. 4:3 then the next round was with some school call megat smtg. they r all school players. so i guess u could think of the results already. we lost so 'ugly' 20:1 guess who scored that 1 point? hahahahahahaha. dengan bangganya mempersembahkan ME! hahahaha. ok la. that one mark come with a price i got hit on the nose when i was trying to get the ball. luckily didnt disfigure my nose.... but at least acs didnt go back with telur so its worth.. those megat ppl say wat pecah telur wor... -_-" thats still not the worst part that we got 1 mark only. one of their player taught our goal keeper how to defend our goal... -_-" what a scene. then we kena so many times wisel for breaking rules. obviously we dunno the rules. haha

my speaking test is on coming tues... and my mid year is on 13t
h.... god save me..

miley cyrus topless pic. for those interested.
so call topless. i dun see anything wrong other than kinda artistic.
but the issue seems serious. that pic was taken for some vanity fair or smtg.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

sorry couldnt on9 these few days. my mom was furious about the streamyx bill. it costed her 300+. my bro was the one who were on9ing all the time with his cabal and yet me the innocent one also got the scolding. T.T so unfair. but it turn out good oso coz she finally gave in and decided to upgrade to the unlimited package. hahahaha.

this is the snail that mei wenn crushed the other day. at first she poke it with a pebble then throw it with it. it fell on to the ground and when she was walking bac to the field she stepped on it. ciara was so disgusted. if u see ciara;s facial expression u will laugh so much. haha.

i'm feeling very regret for not going to celine dion's concert. reading the paper the other day that describe the concert make me feel even more worst. i should have go.... argh....her voice is very.. i dunno how to describe its just too good.. even my bro like her songs. haha. the agong. siti and datuk.K also went to the concert......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm into sports lately.played badminton in school just now. it was really fun and i feel so comfortable and fresh after sweating.

ntg much to blog today anyway. i'm watching ''200 pounds of beauty'' again. its nice. mayb you all should go check it out in crunchyroll. its worth watching.

i've been going out quite often lately... i must tell myself to stop going out. stick my ass on the chair and start to study seriously. i think i need a private tutor. my maths is dying and i haven even start on chem yet... argh...
then muet is about a month away. my speaking sucks and my writing aint any better. teacher says i have to work on my 'monotonous' voice and volume. mayb i should bring a hidden mic when i go for speaking.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

does anyone wanna go gym? i went today. ICCC. mei wenn is a member. so we just went and pretend to be member oso. when we sign the entry book we just copied ppl's name and member ID. haha. it was fun. i could feel my abdomen all harden now. issit worth to pay every month to go to gym? no i dont think so. i rather use the money to eat. ciara suggested mayb we should go chingmun's house for gym and pay her. haha.

just yesterday after tuition a car knocked my front bumper coz his car was moving backward. ok this one mayb is my fault coz i was following too near. this morning there's accident again. this time not me. when i was sending my bro to school there;s this bus wanted to come out to the road then the other car wanted to go to the side so the bus bang into the car and the whole bumper came out. it seems like i came across quite a number of accidents lately. bad sign... bad sign.... i need to pray more so that accidents wont happen to me... amitabha.. amitabha...

need to concentrate on my prayers... later.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

arghhhhhh.... so pissed.. saturday is a school day and its from 8 to 4 p.m. there might be no class but there will be ceramah... -_-" ceramah on how to study effectively and those stupid nonsense.... the principal himself asked us to attend during the assembly. so have to bei a little bit min la. so mayb we will go then cabut half way. sigh...

a movie call kl drift is showing in cinema
doesnt it look similar? this is our malaysia version of ciplak tokyo drift. look at the ppl. exactly the same. the girl then the guy on the left takes that japanese yakuza's character. haha.

though i'm not into malay movies but then i'm quite interested in kl drift. its taken in kl afterall.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

yesterday i went to watch nim's island. it was ok. jodie foster in the movie was so funny. she has those some kinda i dunno wats the name but she is hygiene freak until she dare not go out the house. haha. seeing all her actions made me laugh.

yesterday night i watched lydia's sum documentary. got show her funeral in canada and hong kong. so many ppl give speech in hong kong. tat part bored me to death. ok. here's a brief intro of her. she started when she was 12 when the producer of some show wanted to find a fat girl in his show. lydia when she was young is so different. i couldnt recognise her face. i can onli recognise her fat. haha. then she and cheng siew chao actually started when a girl asked lydia to pass a letter to him. it was a break up letter. after that lydia felt guilty so they both started talking more dated then got married and got yan yi. omg yan yi became so slim edi. but got rumors say her bf is spending all lydia's money. then in canada there's one day call fei fei's day somemore. the mayor himself said it in his speech during the funeral. coz she donated alot alot of money in canada. during the speech giving in hong kong got one ah pak scolded cheng siew chao oso. ''doesnt yan yi has a father?!'' he's a baldy now. hahaha. its freaking funny when he went up the stage to give speech. he took off his cap and showed his half bald head.

like those ancient chinese movie half bald head.haha

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i got bac my report sheet today. well.. cant complain anything bout it. i'm not born genius like see pui or one guy in my class. as usual i'm not going to show it to my mom and i will sign it myself. if i show it to her she will start nagging again.

jpa rejected my application... T.T... and before this i was hoping i could get the scholarship and get myself out of this hell. i came across some forum and the group of ppl were talking bout stpm students are more likely to develop mental prob than other pre-u students. i cant agree more.. stpm is a nightmare.. i joked with my cousin during the election that mayb we should take part as private candidates and if we succeeded then we will demolish all the schools in ipoh and kl. haha. ok that was stupid. but we just got too carried away when we were talking bout how stress we are because of stpm.

ja ne.. hw calling....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

break the rules!!!

after school like any other tues ciara and i went to tuition. after we reach we try to find parking and the last place was taken by the car just in front of me. argh... its a one way road. no choice i 'gostant' back to lucky hotel then went AGAINST THE TRAFFIC to get back to the tuition centre. but really cant get any parking so i just parked at the lorong there and its yellow line. before this i've got 2 parking tickets. then i got 'chong hong dang' coz rushing to go to school. haha. but didnt get caught. i'm becoming into traffic violator.

today is april fool everyone!!! did any of u fall for other ppl's tricks? haha. what came across ur mind bout my day when i mention april fool? that i was fooled, made a fool of myself or try to fool others but failed miserably coz of my poor acting? hahaha. u got it WRONG.. today was boring. no april fool atmosphere. i didnt trick anyone in school and noone except ciara tricked me with a lame one: 'look there's a lizard on ur leg!!' ok i did fall for that. haha. but never mind. in the end with two other school mates we tricked our tuition teacher after tuition saying ''sir si hang bao sui hao" then he actually believed and went to the toilet to check. hahaha.

kinda miss all of u in mgs. though i was the laughing stock but at least we did have fun.

Monday, March 31, 2008

today is just another boring day of my life... i continued my chem experiment today and ciara and i found that out product from the exp. was incredibly little compare to others. its only 0.01 g can u believe it???!!! its in powder form and a gust of wind could have blown it all away. but thanks to some nice poi lam guys they gave us some of theirs to make our product more presentable coz we have to clip it together with our report.

on friday night after my drama duty as a PROGRAMME BOOK SELLER its bout 9 smtg to 10 like that. i was driving out of a junction on my way back. this is the how it was.

then the car from the left didnt on signal so i thought he was going straight. if he is going straight then after he passed i could have made it to the opposite lane. but instead he stop and wanted to turn right. so he blocked me and i was almost hit by the car coming from the right. maybe god thinks that i'm too good to die so soon so i'm here today to tell you my story. haha. but **** that car la. he want to kill me. he should have on his signal. if that car from the left was fast enough i might be in hospital with tubes everywhere in my body.