Wednesday, August 25, 2010

time will prove everything...
i shall not be bother by it!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

some ppl just know how to hurt ur feelings..
cant some ppl just be more understanding and less judgmental
we thought thats what it is but reality shows otherwise.
right here right now i just hope my bed would turn into a bed monster and swallow me up...

no more swearing...

Monday, August 2, 2010

first thing in the morning i got ppl knocking on my door like a bulldozer trying to smash my room. i ignored the noise and keep on sleeping then i heard key sound and someone unlocked the door. standing outside was the witch bitch from the hall office. got up from my bed with my pajamas and patches of pimple cream on my face i greeted her with my lightning shocked face. that stupid witch bitch recognised me and she knows im not the rightful tenant in the room. she asked for my matrix card and i couldnt give her. she knows and she said she is gonna report to the fucking hall office and if that happen my friend and i will get warning letter and might not get a room next semester. come on bitch im not the only illegal squater around just close your fucking eye la. besides my fren is not staying so i only occupied one side of the room. there;s plenty of empty rooms in the hall. i bet there;s less than 10 rooms occupied in my block. with all my might i talked her out to forget what she saw with the condition i move out right away. im already late for work and that fucking lan chibai wont even let me brush my teeth or take a shower so that i can go to work after that. she just wanna mother fucker chase me off that second. i know this bitch. she just follow the rules blindly. the last time i was late about 5-10 min to put my boxes for storing in the hall she wouldnt open the damn door even though im got my boxes right outside the store room. she told me that she cannot sleep peacefully at night coz she lied to hall office to let me off and asking her to close one eye is ilke asking her to commit the deadliest crime ever. i give her one BIG SWEAT ------------__________________--------------""""""""""""" but luckily after one hour of talking and trying to convince her to let me off she gave in and i moved my stuff. i just wipe off the cream on my face and i get out that was when i realised there;s no bus service coz the bus changed route due to YOG AGAIN. SCREW YOG!! ive got 3 luggages and few pairs of shoes and a laptop. the nearest bus stop is 15 mins or more walk away. how the hell am i gonna carry all this stuff and take bus. . seriously this is the worst experience ever. i better not find any warning letter or anything happen to my fren or i will fucking screw her whole family upside down. i dun see what so big deal of what i did. im not disturbing other tenants or causing trouble and im not even disrupting the next tenant from moving in coz i cleaned the other side of the room yesterday night but that idiotic china whore just have to exaggerate her complaint that there's more than one person staying in the room coz she saw my bf leg while he was hiding behind the wardrobe that afternoon when she came over to tell me she is the new tenant so that she can move in her senior room in the other block.

I can list down all the fucking trouble yog has caused me.
1. i cant make it to aust in mid dec so i got to go for later flight..
2. i got no hall to stay next semester
3. there;s no bus service in the hall thus i got trouble going everywhere. to other canteens, to work in the office in school, even to get out of ntu.
4. my work schedule got changed to later time thats how the bitch caught me in the room at 9am or usually i would have been out by 9. in the end caused me the biggest trouble ever.
it has been so long since im so fumed up like this. i can just curse whole day all this chaotic incident plus my pms i just cant hold back.