Monday, January 12, 2009

the trip in canada was fun and i really miss my aunt's cooking and the house including my cousins there. i love the house especially the backyard. haha. i like it after snowing. the backyard was spacious and we could actually play snow war there. my aunt used to plant things there in the summer.

this is outside the house. the snow here can go until up ur knee.

this is the backyard. hahaha. the whole place was covered with snow.

this is my aunt's house

thats at night. anyone who saw me must think that i'm a freako who came out in the middle of the night to take picture. haha. it was bout 1 am that time. my cousin and i were watching tv then we saw it snowing outside so we went out a while but i cant really capture the snow with my phone.

this is a skate rink near city hall in toronto

this is queens street. i dun really know where issit but there's many clothes shop on the street.

the building behind is Much Music. its like some destination for music videos, live performances and interviews celebrities.

thats all i could post for now. me and my cousin r actually stealing ppl's line. so sometimes the connection is really bad.

Friday, January 2, 2009

hello 2009!!! what is my resolution? none actually. just hope i can get rich. haha. i kinda regret coming to canada this early should hav come here after new year. guess how did i spent the last second of 2008. in front of the tv laying on my bed. -_-" how miserable. i saw on tv the celebration in new york it was so damn fun thought it was really crowded but if i were in NY i would hav go anyhow. so there i was with my cousin wishing each other happy new year. --__--" but then my day wasnt so bad in the morning coz i went to niagara falls. it was even colder than anywhere i've been to. the wind was so strong. i could felt my body almost being lifted. -___-" then i wore the wrong shoe. it was so cold that my feet were numb and i couldnt feel them.

that is my uncle and cousin. the wind is so strong.

see the bridge behind? thats the bridge that connects canada and US.

the water looks like kopi 'o' in malaysia

there;s actually a casino near there and my aunt thought we could enter at 18 but unfortunately its 19. that guard ask me to come another year. so much of thinking of wining money.