Wednesday, July 29, 2009

waiting is the most torturous thing for me.. sitting there in front of the computer waiting and waiting like an idiot. pls pls dont tell me its a mistake. ppl there r suppose to be pro so pls dont tell me its technical prob or wateva excuses. ive come this far and there;s no turning bac for me so pls pls pls dont blow this off.......

wait wait wait and wait.............

Saturday, July 25, 2009

financial crisis

shopping day!! i picked up my 'human gps' in the morning from her school and we drove from puchong to mid valley. had our breakfast in canton i and we were the 1st customers for the day. since someone's bf is working there she say that she can ask her bf to pay the bill. so much for foc in the end we split the bill but she did get something. he gave her 50 bucks for shopping. didnt leave with empty hand at least. went to fix my antique watch and it costed me 12 buck to change the battery. after the food and the battery i realised that my whole wallet there was onli bout 10 bucks left excluding the 50 bucks parkson voucher. we were both walking around mid valley with less than 30bucks cash in our pocket. i've never felt so poor in my life before. OMG!!! then i went to the atm machine to cash some money but the min amount is 50 bucks and my account has less than 50 bucks. i felt so insecure and seriously broke. anyway i left mid valley with only 2 scarlet panties.

after mid valley with my effective 'gps' we reached my aunt house in Sg.Long. i helped to fix the comp and left right after. on the way bac i drove until 140km/h on some highway. it was damn thrilling. if it was my proton i think it would shatter into pieces with that speed.

i think i;ve been slacking too much... and i love it. hahha. everyone is back to where they should be. how i wish day will never pass and the earth stop spinning so that i can remain....

Friday, July 3, 2009

USM orientation week

a total of 6 days of orientation in usm nibong tebal. the 1st day we got our room keys and it looks ok at least better than the one in utem. though it was really dusty and the matress was really fugly. there were hair and some yellowish spots on the mattress. there were only me and another girl in my room. there;s suppose to be 4 person a room. so basically day one was all bout cleaning the room. the bathroom was as expected not in good condition. there's bugs and insects. there;s this kind of insects they called 'charlie' when it crawls on u ur skin will go all red, itchy and feels like burning. day 2 is the registration day until the afternoon. then we had our lunch in the cafeteria. there wasnt much choices there but the price is dirt cheap. i ate for 5 days in usm and i;ve used only bout rm20. the best thing there was the waffle which was the 1st meal i had and the last meal before i leave usm. in the evening we had rehearsal for MSS(majlis sambutan siswa) and hav to wear formal. we got so boring that we were playing john mechanic, finger games and whateva game that we can play. the main hall was so far far away and by the time we reached we were all sweaty. amy and i agree that it was a 'walkable' campus until my shoe finally spoilt on day 4. on our way to the main hall there was a path that they call the winter sonata but it was more like summer sonata there. yes that was me and credit to our photographer amy.

day 3 was the real MSS. there was a teleconference between 3 campus and we could see the conditions in the other 2 campus.

then the rest of the days there;s talks and tour to our school. my course is in e&e school and i was the only chinese girl in my course. there were bout 26 ppl and only 3 girls. the other two were malays. scary.... we also have tour to the library.
it was quite big and it has 4 floors. there were many books from other publisher but none from springer, my aunt's company. hahhaha.

on the 5th day we had senamrobik on the field and that was where i got crawled by 'charlie'. by the time i got bac to my hostel i could see my ears swollen my face a bit swollen as well. it was really itchy and i could feel my whole neck burning. i went up to the facilitator to ask if she got any cream that i can apply. she asked me to go to the hall first coz the dinner with the deputy cansellor is bout to start and she will bring the cream to me later. ok fine so i went to the dinner and waited until at one point saw her again and went to her. her reaction was ' ohh u.' then she turned to another facilitator and asked if she got the cream but dun hav. -_-'' she totally forgot bout me. i think if its an emergency i would hav died.
this is the dinner. not so clear shot. then there was performances from hostel lembaran(mine) and jaya(amy).